7 Epic Challah Recipes To Show Your Guests You Give An F

By: Isadora Baum; Founder and Creator of LiveForYouNow.com

We can all concur: challah never gets old. It’s only one of the greatest foods on the planet. Yet, what makes challah oh so special is its versatility, as its buttery, soft, and fluffy nature complements all flavors, from savory to spicy and to sweet.

No Shabbat dinner is complete without one (or three if you’re like my friends and me). While there’s no such thing as a boring challah, there’s no reason why you can’t jazz up the signature staple and take it from good to awesome.

There seems to be a love of carbohydrates amongst millennials today, and it’d be a lie to say that we don’t give an F about crafting a perfectly carby, glorious roll of challah to devour within a matter of minutes. For such reasons, I recommend baking up a few for your crowd—you’ll thank me later on, especially once the wine hits! It’s time to #giveanF in 2016.

Strawberry Basil Challah


The Challah Blog

Bring a little warmth and light to a dark, wintry Shabbat dinner. Strawberries and basil touch both sweet and savory notes, and when paired with a bit of mascarpone or whipped cream, it can be transformed into a shortcake dessert. This is a great recipe for those guests who love brunch, are immersed in their New Year’s resolutions (rock on!) and just exude positive energy.

Recipe here.

Scallion Pancake Challah


Food52/Molly Yeh

Okay, so we can all admit the fact that Jews love Chinese food. Why must we limit ourselves to traditional Chinese takeout and Christmas Eve, when it’s so easy to bring a little Chinese flavor to dinner? Scallion pancakes, challah style, makes for a doughy, savory treat. Pair with a crazy stir-fry, chicken with cashews or a hoisin duck entrée—your guests will thank you!

Recipe here.

Cheesy Garlic Challah


What Jew Wanna Eat

Be warned: this recipe is time-consuming and you’ll need to plan ahead; however, it’s totally worth the effort, and your guests will know how much you #giveanF. It’s fundamentally true that we love cheese (sorry lactose-intolerant peeps!). Pairing a gooey cheese filling with minced garlic and sesame seeds, it makes for a perfect wine accompaniment! Serve up some red meat, potatoes and vino to maximize all those savory flavors. And maybe offer after-dinner mints in a bowl? Garlic breath ain’t hot.

Recipe here.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Challah



For the guests that don’t like peanut butter—get out. Just kidding! But really, peanut butter is one of those foods that most people can’t seem to put down the spoon after one (or two) servings for. While it’s super healthy, it can also be a guilty pleasure. For Shabbat dinner, we #giveanF about food, friends and fulfillment, and a PB & C combo definitely fills that requirement. Opt for dark chocolate to get some antioxidant points in!

Recipe here.

Chocolate Challah Babka



A chocolate-challah-babka hybrid? What is this madness?! Combining two Jewish staples in one will make the sweet-tooth friends in your life grant you “best friend” title for at least two weeks. As if chocolate weren’t enough, vanilla extract and orange zest blow this recipe outta this world. Sweet, citrusy, innovative: need we say more? Try not to drool too much when cooking, as the photos showcase some major Jew food porn.

Recipe here.

Fig, Raspberry and Sea Salt Challah


Girl Versus Dough

These ingredients are delicate and floral on the palette, and pair perfectly with red wine sangria. Figs are both sweet and savory, and the hint of sea salt gives that extra punch. Not only is this challah beautiful to look at, it also looks super classy and will be sure to impress your guests. Feel free to swap raspberry for apricot, blackberry or strawberry preserves or add brie to boost its savory profile.

Recipe here.

Chipotle Challah


Always Or Dessert

Spice things up this Friday night with this chipotle challah recipe. Plus, the extra heat will boost your metabolism to burn off some of that dough and wine! Get even more creative by adding cheese and other spices to it. You can also provide some dips, like ranch or guacamole. Show your guests you #giveanF by bringing out all the accouterments!

Recipe here.

Dessert Bonus: Earl Grey Chocolate Bread Pudding

bitememore via Food52.com


This mini challah bread pudding recipe makes for the perfect, richest, yummiest dessert! Dark chocolate chips and whipped cream atop a soft, doughy pudding of deliciousness—you might want to get your doctor’s number ready lest you go into sugar shock. And if you’re a good Jew, you probably have that number on speed dial.

Recipe here.

About the author: Isadora Baum is an independent Holistic Health Coach, focusing on integrative nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. She is passionate about helping others feel healthier and happier in their own skin. With a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern University and a certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, her knowledge and personal experiences enable her to see the individual as a whole and tailor sessions according to his or her needs. Learn more about her at  LiveForYouNow.com.

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