A Year of Amazing Friday Nights

We’re celebrating OneTable’s first birthday by highlighting 12 fabulous dinners from around the country!

Our team is grateful to have worked with so many wonderful dinner hosts, and we can’t wait to see what downright impressive dinners our hosts plan in the year to come.

This list was so hard to come up with because there were TONS of amazing dinners to choose from.

Did you attend or host a spectacular dinner not mentioned here? Comment below to tell us about it!

Hadassah Key Challah

Schlissel literally translates to “key bread,” and Hadassah honored the Ashkenazi tradition of baking a key into challah on the Shabbat after Passover ends. Baking a key into a challah is a reminder that the Friday night dinner table can unlock the energy of the Passover season even after the festivities conclude. Hadassah also served TurKEY Albondigas Soup, Ta’KEY’tos, Chips and GaucamolKEY, and KEY Lime Pie. Huge props!

Brooklyn, NY

Fall Harvest Shabbat

Lauren Braun is a gold medalist of dinner hosts. Her Fall Harvest Shabbat boasted homemade, seasonal dishes, a beautiful tablescape and some camp-style blessings over the challah.

Chicago, IL

Adam Lewkovitz’s Aussie Shabbat

All of Adam Lewkovitz’s favorite dishes from the land down under filled the table during “Aussie Shabbat.” His guests were completely wowed and can’t wait to host their own dinners soon. Don’t you love this action shot Adam shared?


Hannah Arie’s rooftop Shabbat

It’s hard to forget Hannah Arie’s gorgeous rooftop Shabbat. Hannah was one of OneTable’s first Chicago-based hosts, and she planned a beautiful evening filled with rooftop yoga, homemade middle-eastern food and fabulous company. Thanks for going above and beyond, Hannah.

Chicago, IL

Yard Shabbat

Is it just us, or do Della Heiman’s Shabbat in the Yard event’s look like they’re straight from a magazine? Not only does she coordinate a delicious meal for 60-70 people in her community, but she does so in a way that takes her guest’s breath away. Serious kudos, Della.

Wynwood, FL

Oscar Themed Shabbat

Yuval Mosesand Lonnie Ginsberg are incredible hosts: they’re inclusive, creative and absolutely hilarious. Their guests were asked to arrive to their Oscar-themed Shabbat in red carpet attire and with their best Oscar bets in hand. Did we mention that they encouraged guests to make these dazzling DIY t-shirts between courses?! Bravo, Yuval and Lonnie.

East Village, NY

Jeff Scallion Matzah Pancake

Host and Founder of Kitchen Kibitz, Jeff Gabel, created an incredibly creative Southeast Asian menu for his Passover Pop-up. We’re dying for the scallion matzah pancake recipe — pictured here with homemade gefilte fish topped with Thai red coconut curry sauce.

Boston, MA

Earth Day Shabbat Seder

“Live from New York, it’s Seder night live!”

Rachelle Vagy welcomed over 30 guests to her Earth Day Shabbat Seder with this hilarious intro, and as we saw from her video, it was a huge hit. Rachelle saved paper and kept to her Earth Day theme by projecting the Haggadot onto the wall!

Brooklyn, NY

Hannah's Penne Eggplant Parm and Challah

Hannah L’s Philadelphia apartment was PACKED for her Shabbat dinner, and she was thrilled about it! Her Penne Eggplant Parm (pictured) was one of her favorite dishes she’s ever made, and she’s already planning her next dinner! More than anything, we love Hannah’s enthusiasm for hosting and welcoming people at her table.

Philadelphia, PA

Rebecca 45+ Shabbat Dinner

“It was absolutely fantastic. People ate so much and danced and played. The brisket was made to perfection. Folks stayed till about 12:30 AM. I think we had 45 people around the table (or maybe more). The dinner was a huge success. It was truly a loving and cozy evening.” Thanks Rebcca! Save us a seat next time

Brooklyn, NY

Liat's Menu

Liat and her roommate, Yael, host weekly homemade, vegan Shabbat dinners. To say we’re impressed an an understatement. Check out this incredible menu from her first OneTable dinner!

Austin, TX

Lisa & Benji Kentucky Derby

Hats? Check. Roses? Check. Bourbon? Check. Small dog? Check. We’d bet anything that Lisa andBenji’s guests thought their Kentucky Derby Shabbat dinner was a winner. PS — Lisa and Benji host a Friday night meal once a month so if you plan to be in the Louisville area, check the OneTable platform to find out if there is room at their table!

Louisville, KY

OneTable empowers people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. The OneTable community is funded to support people (21-39ish), not in undergraduate studies, and without an existing weekly Shabbat practice, looking to find and share this powerful experience.

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