Thankful for Shabbat: OneTable’s Guide to Friendsgiving

Thankful for Friends, Food and Friday? Us too.

Host a Friendsgiving to kick off the holiday season!

Whether you’re hosting a potluck or cooking for your guests, we’ve put together some of our favorite recipes and hosting tips just for you.

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Elevate your table with fall inspired decorations


Everyone knows Thanksgiving sides are the star of the show

L’chaim to Loved Ones

Wise Words from Rabbi Jess

We asked OneTable’s own Rabbi Jessica Minnen why Shabbat and Thanksgiving go so well together (dare we say… like cinnamon and apple pie or mini marshmallows and sweet potato?). Here’s what she had to say…

Three of the five deadliest battles of the civil war took place in 1863, including the battles of Gettysburg in July and Chicamauga in September. Less than two weeks later President Lincoln proclaimed a national holiday. He instructed all Americans to set aside the last Thursday of November as a day of intentional gratitude and cited the many ways our nation and its people remained strong despite the degradations of war. Implicit in the president’s remarks is the notion that it would be easy to focus on the ills of a fractured society at war, yet we should challenge ourselves to experience gratitude rather than giving in to deprecation.

I have struggled to feel grateful more than once this year, a year marked by partisanship and frustration. It’s no accident that Thanksgiving became a fixture of our national calendar at a time when we most needed to cooperate, and this year we sorely need the reminder. Thanksgiving isn’t just about being grateful for what we have, it’s about being grateful for who we have: our neighbors, our fellow citizens, our families, our friends.

While in the United States we have an annual refrain of gratitude, in Jewish tradition, we have a weekly opportunity: Shabbat. This year, we hope you’ll gather the people who mean the most to you and celebrate Friendsgiving, an evening of gratitude not only for what you have, but who you have to share it with.

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Written by Jess Spivack, OneTable’s Community Specialist. She loves pizza, adventure, reading, and of course – peanut butter. You can reach her at

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