Sweet 16

Written by OneTable’s Resident Rabbi, Jessica Minnen

As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, Friday night is our chance to let go of the week that was, or in this case the year that was. Shabbat dinner is about what’s possible. In Jewish tradition we call this possibility olam ha’ba, the world to come.

Olam ha’ba isn’t about some unattainable dream. It’s the world we work for every week — a world that is good and just and safe. On Friday night we come together to celebrate that work, and the possibility of goodness that is its result.

Here’s What We’re Celebrating at OneTable

  • Over 41,000 seats at the table
  • Expansion to San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado, D.C and Atlanta
  • Over 3,000 dinners
  • 65 coaches across the country
  • Being featured in the New York Times
  • Growing our staff from 6 to 16
  • 2,668 hosts that joined the OneTable community
  • 120 Event Partnerships across the US
  • Over 30 Nosh:pitalities
  • OneTable Shabbat’s at Burning Man, SXSW, Aspen Ideas Festival, LOCKN Music Festival, Outside Lands, CMX Summit
  • All of the amazing OneTable hosts and guests!

In this New Year, let’s work for a better world around the table together. Here are three ways to start:

Host a dinner

Attend a dinner

Make a donation

Happy New Year!

Inspired? Click here to create a dinner or apply to become a host.

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