2016’s Top 8 Dinners

For 8 nights of Hanukkah, we shared highlights from some of our favorite dinners in 2016. Want to be featured on OneTable’s Blog, Instagram or Facebook? Show us your table with #MyOneTable.


Night 1: Nataly Zigdon’s shabbat dinner is dinner #goals.


Night 2: Maura Koenig hosts #challahween.


Night 3: The OneTable Colorado community gathered to celebrate Friday night at River and Woods – Colorado Comfort Cuisine. Highlight: this challah.


Night 4: Lauren Braun knows how to make her guests feel welcome. We’re loving this spread.


Night 5: Stefanie Adler knows that Taco Friday > Taco Tuesday.


Night 6: Kate Groob, can we please have a seat at your table? Teach us your ways.


Night 7: Dreaming of warmer weather and Taryn Rosenberg’s picnic Shabbat.


Night 8: Watch Elizabeth Moser’s Friday night dinner unfold.

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