What the Challah?!

Sure, you can buy a challah from a grocery store (or a local bakery, if you’re lucky), but there’s something special about a homemade challah.

And look at this one! It’s so romantic. Challah Hub is a soon-to-be challah delivery service based in Los Angeles, and they already have so many challah recipes up on their site, not to mention one of the most mouth-watering Instagrams out there.

So, the next time you’re responsible for the challah, wow your fellow Shabbaters. You’ll definitely be invited back.

Al Rosenberg (they/them) is the Chief Strategy Officer at OneTable. Al lives just north of Chicago, loves handmade candles and board games, is a board member emeritus at Mishkan, and hosts a monthly Rosh Chodesh Well Circle.

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