Everything You Need to Know About Hosting Shabbat on Yom Kippur

Hosting this Friday night? Fantastic! In the Jewish calendar, we are also marking the annual commemoration of Yom Kippur, a time of reflection and atonement. Read more about this Shabbat Shabbaton here and here.

As you get ready for your dinner, here are some tips to make space for ritual, and the fact that some of your guests might be preparing to fast.

Eat Up

Eating before Yom Kippur is considered a mitzvah, an honorable deed.

The meal before Yom Kippur is a festive one, and if you have challah you’re encouraged to dip it into honey, a sign for a sweet new year.


On any other Friday night, you can add ambiance to dinner by lighting candles before the meal to bring in Shabbat. But on the Friday night of Yom Kippur, you can light candles at the end of the meal to bring in this unique time of reflection.

Pre-Fast Planning

Will you or your guests be fasting on Yom Kippur?

Fasting PrepStart the meal at least an hour before you plan to begin fasting Carbs are your friends!!! Avoid salty foods Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate - the more water your guests drink, the better You may want to skip the booze for this one - alcohol does not make for an easy fast Opt for fruit for dessert. It slowly releases water into the body and will help your guests stay hydrated

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