Friendship is Dope

Dairy products and my stomach have had beef for a long time (see what I did there, it’s like my body is a metaphor for my Kashrut observance – dad joke – it’s hilarious – count it!). It’s basically a one-way ticket to a stomach ache, which is super chill. The even funnier part is that my favorite foods include pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, and ice cream. The funniest part is that I eat all of those things anyway, all the time, on a pretty regular basis actually, and probably take a lactaid pill 30% of the time. Isn’t this fun? I’m sharing a piece of my identity with you that is silly and complicated and important to me. You’re probably thinking:

A. That I’m an idiot for treating my body like dirt (fair)
B. “Oh I totally identify, good food is tight, and totally worth the consequences.”
C. Both
D. “Why is this dude sharing stories about things that make him sick while we’re at dinner?”

If I’m at a Shabbat dinner and my guests are thinking any of the above, I’m psyched about it because hey, at least we’re getting to know each other! You know what would not have elicited any of those thoughts? If I had just shared my favorite pizza topping, fancy grilled cheese style, or ice cream flavor. Even worse is if you/me have to listen to ten people share some combination of the following words, “rocky road, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chip…”

Listen, I love ice cream, but if I want to get to know a bunch of new people at my dinner, let’s get into it. If we can get even a little bit outside of our comfort zone, show a little bit of vulnerability, or share something that is intimate and personal, we’re on our way to meaningful relationships, or at least a memorable evening. So, I present to you a list of “icebreakers,” but really conversation starters, that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Click below to check them out, and if you like any of ‘em, use ‘em! If you don’t, my B. Feel free to comment and add to the list.

Friendship is tight; Shabbat is dope,

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