Help! What’s a good big batch summer cocktail?

Last week, I asked the OneTable team to help me get ready for a big Shabbat dinner event I’m planning that I (naturally) failed to think about until the last minute. Because I work with a team of rockstars, they hit me with all kinds of replies.


Sara F.: Kombucha highball; with ginger lime!

Sara F.: Junglebird batch cocktail (dark rum, campari, simple syrup, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime juice). Served on the rocks. garnish with pineapple or lime… and or a tiny umbrella.

Sarit W.: Paloma! tequila, grapefruit, orange, lime

Sara F.: Rosemary greyhound cocktail – can be batched – gin, grapefruit, rosemary simple syrup, fresh sprig of rosemary garnish

Lianne S.: This is super basic but I just did a mixed berry sangria last night 🍷🍷

Amanda H.: At our grilling event we had a garden sparkler – 3 ounces gin, 3 ounces fresh lemon and 3 ounces cucumber juice, stirred up with 1.5 ounces of honey syrup (equal parts honey dissolved in hot water) in a pitcher with ice. Top off with a full bottle of sparkling wine and garnish with fresh cucumber slices. Use the cucumber juice day of, while it retains its vibrant green color. Instructions for the cucumber juice: Cut up a fresh cucumber, keeping the skin on for color, and drop it into a blender. Add 1/4 cup water—that’s just to help it liquify. Blend it up until totally smooth, then fine-strain it into a container. Dump the solids; the green liquid is your cucumber juice.

Marina R.: Agua frescas are killer too 😉

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Al Rosenberg (they/them) is the Chief Strategy Officer at OneTable. Al lives just north of Chicago, loves handmade candles and board games, is a board member emeritus at Mishkan, and hosts a monthly Rosh Chodesh Well Circle.

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