A Sukkah Without Walls

The harvest festival of Sukkot begins on Sunday evening, September 23rd. In addition to celebrating the harvest and connecting us to our agrarian roots, Sukkot is a time to dwell outdoors in temporary “booths,” impermanent dwellings reminiscent of the huts the Israelites camped in during their wilderness wanderings.

If you are building a Sukkah this year, whether digital, metaphorical, or physical, we invite you to answer the question “What does your Sukkah stand for?” This Sukkot, Repair the World is building sukkahs online and creating virtual dwellings. Together, we’ll dwell on the issues that matter most to us and take time to harvest conversations that lead to action. Let’s build our sukkah without walls, open to all who enter.

You can share what #MySukkahStandsFor by building a digital sukkah with Repair the World as a symbol that the spaces we create welcome in all people, all identities, and conversations that lead to change. Let’s build a movement, one sukkah at a time.

Rabbi in Residence & Director of Program | Lover of outdoor concert venues, words that sound like what they mean, and my noodle poodle Lucy.

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