HostHack: Whole Foods Edition

You’re creating a Shabbat dinner on the OneTable platform (Yes! Go you!), and you are ready to select your nourishment. You see Whole Foods is an option. Too expensive! You might think to yourself. How can I feed 10 people while staying in my OneTable nourishment budget??

Let me tell you about a little-known secret…The Whole Foods Meal Deals! Walk into any Whole Foods and roll up to the prepared foods counter:  

Plenty of regions offer an entree (chicken, salmon, tofu) and two sides (like a black bean/quinoa salad or a vegetable) for between $8-11. The Midwest has a “Health Starts Here” bowl with greens, beans, grains, and a protein for about $8. Pasta bowls are also about $8. Order 10 dinners for about $10 each, and keep things varied and select as many different side dishes as you can. Suddenly you have a whole range of food options for your guests.

Better yet: Host an open dinner for 10 and you’ll still have $50 left over! What to buy? Perhaps a couple of challahs and some dessert. Or, since it’s Shabbat and you want to elevate your dining experience, how about some fun + fancy cheese and crackers to get your guests started as they schmooze?

Ask your guests to come with a beverage of their choosing and you’ll be all set!

There you have it: 10 guests, $100, and a delicious Shabbat dinner made simple + affordable.

With love,

The OneTable Team

Special credit to OneTable Colorado super host Nico Lewis for discovering + sharing this Whole Foods Shabbat Hack

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