Here’s The Challah Recipe You Should Be Making Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lemme hear a holla for that challah! Which kind, you might ask? It’s all up to the stars, we answer.


ZAATAR AND OLIVE | A challah as spicy as your personality. The zaatar spread adds a kick to the bread you never knew you needed, and the olives? Generally salty but have a softness to them all the same — just like you.


GARLIC ROSEMARY | Challah that’s both classy and comfortable, just like your style. This garlic rosemary challah can be counted on time after time as a savory comfort food when you’re craving something simple but still want to impress.


PRETZEL ROLLS | Something easy to make and easy to take with you, so you can keep up that flexible lifestyle that’s helping you achieve your dreams. These challah pretzel rolls are the product of the patience that already lives within you (gotta wait on that dough to rise), but the end result is something soft and simple, which is how you go about life.


CHAI TEA | You’re always looking for that comfort food to keep you sane while you work on some creative project or another. If you love challah, and also love a soothing hot chai, why can’t you do both at once? This chai challah has just the right balance of sweetness and spice, just like you, and smells like the calmness you crave.


TRI-COLOR | Something wildly creative and happiness inducing. You’ll make a challah few people ever have: a Neapolitan challah. It’s colorful and pretty much reminds you of everything good in the world, a vibe you give off on a regular basis.


FIG, OLIVE OIL & SEA SALT | A practical challah that can be made with easily accessible ingredients and sticks to that plan of yours to eat mindfully and wholesomely. This fig, olive oil, and sea salt challah is savory in a way that feels classy (and you love to be classy), with a little sweetness you’ve earned just by being yourself.


PULL-APART | You’re all about a challah you can easily share with the friends you can’t stop making. This pull-apart challah is all about encouraging people to come together to be part of something big, complete with a little flavor on top to mimic the energy you always add to the party.


SAVORY TOMATO STUFFED | A challah as resourceful as you are — it makes use of a basic ingredient you’ve probably already got around the house. This tomato-stuffed challah is maybe the savoriest challah you’ll ever eat, but you’re already used to living your life to the absolute fullest.


COFFEE CAKE | It’s part cake, part bread — but who says you can’t get a little creative in the kitchen? If you’ve dreamed of a challah that effectively allows you to eat dessert for the main course . . . go on, live your dream.


VEGAN BLACK DETOX WITH OLIVE OIL | You’re all about being responsible about what goes into your body while still keeping it interesting. This black detox vegan challah is about mindful eating, but (don’t tell) it’s filled with the perfect amount of sweetness and spice so that being mindful is just as fun for you as it is important.


POMEGRANATE BEET | You’re looking for something that might be a little out there, but being original in a way that gets people’s attention is something you’ve always been good at. This pomegranate-beet challah is as bright as you are, and will make everyone want to join you on your next challah adventure.

Sliced rainbow challah


RAINBOW | You love to add a splash of color and vibrancy to whatever environment you find yourself in, and this challah is just another way to add something to mealtime and the world that lets people take in all the colors and just breathe.

Brocha is excited to be a summer intern for OneTable in NYC, mostly because the concept of OneTable is incredibly meaningful to her, but also because her hometown of Chicago suburbia is the Audrey Hepburn of the season: overwhelmingly hot and dishearteningly dead. Her favorite part of Shabbat is sitting around the Friday night dinner table with friends, singing songs together after indulging in maybe a little too much yummy food.

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