11 Memes That Are Literally All Of Us Hosting Shabbat Dinner

You signed up to organize a Shabbat dinner and while it sounded easy in your head, it gets real when you start all the planning (even while the end result can be so meaningful it blows your mind). We’ve ALL been there — so we made you some #relatable memes because we love you and also love memes.

1. When you want to write a description that stands out to your potential guests.

2. When you decided your Shabbat dinner’s gonna be a dining out kinda thing, and you’ve gotta pick the perfect place.

3. Or maybe you’re cooking and hosting at your place, which means shopping is a thing.

4. PSA re:wine: You should probably share with other people at Shabbat dinner.

5. Whether you’re buying or baking, can’t forget this classic.

6. Speaking of baking, maybe it’s time you stop using your oven as extra shoe storage??

7. When someone asks you why your kitchen carpet is so sticky and your kitchen doesn’t have a carpet.

8. A moment of silence for those of us who can’t get that far.

9. And you want to decorate to impress, except there’s a chance you spent your entire nourishment credit on that cheeseboard.

10. When it’s like 10 min until the guests arrive and you’ve still got planning to do.

11. But then Shabbat comes around and you can take some time to step back and just breathe.

You’re nailing this whole Shabbat dinner thing. Shabbat shalom!

Brocha is excited to be a summer intern for OneTable in NYC, mostly because the concept of OneTable is incredibly meaningful to her, but also because her hometown of Chicago suburbia is the Audrey Hepburn of the season: overwhelmingly hot and dishearteningly dead. Her favorite part of Shabbat is sitting around the Friday night dinner table with friends, singing songs together after indulging in maybe a little too much yummy food.

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