We Asked the OneTable Community How They Like To Unwin(e)d on Shabbat, and Here Are Their Answers.

We hear you: It’s been a long, long week, and you’ve never been more ready to take a break from kicking ass at the office and move on to getting into pajamas, or onto a friend’s couch, or a yacht — whatever floats your boat 🙂 We asked the OneTable Community: When it comes to relaxing on Shabbat, how DO you unwin(e)d? (And spoiler alert: It’s not just wine).

When both you and the pup could use a walk.

Take the dog for a walk and enjoy the quiet – @amandadbroyles

By taking my dog’s collar off so we can fully get into rest mode together (and a glass of wine of course) <3 – @natirabinowitz

Or maybe you’re a cat person… Pretending like I can play piano and hard lounging w/the cats – @thefemmeprince

Nothing like a Jewish culinary classic.

Baking challah! – @keribaker_

PSA: You are allowed to consume the ENTIRE challah.
By finishing an entire homemade challah! – @mglustoff

In any form.
With challah French toast – @twittikat

No, really. Creativity counts for everything.
With sprinkle challah obviously – @amanda.megan

When there’s another classic Jewish carb that also matters.

Bagels on bagels on bagels – @ernq1988

And obviously, gotta get in that post-carb carb.
With dessert! – @anne_nicole7

Our community really likes carbs.
Carb maximalism – @fredwilliezlapolla

Nothing like dinner with the fam, though.

I love going to Shabbat dinner with my family then watching a movie with a glass of wine – @melanieselemanphoto

And yes, dinner might be a Grandma Party (but in the best way).
Spending shabbat dinner with my grandparents and eating some fresh challah and kugel <3 – @yaeliixbabyy

Or maybe, your fam is a wholesome group of fine-lookin friends.

Love spending shabbat with my chosen family! – @nickyj124

And dinner with those friends should be thoughtful.
Hosting dinner with friends and setting intentions for the week – @victoriapaige73

But also hella fun.
Play card games with friends – @julia.raina

Like this kind of fun:
Board games! – @deenalurie

Or this kind:
Puzzle time! – @amandarozy

Sometimes, the best dinners go on forever.

Long Shabbat dinners and no alarm clock in the morning! – @getreadyjetsgo

Nothin like taking steps to stay mindful of the present.

Putting my cell away! – @shawnacalfondesign

And making your place look all pretty definitely doesn’t hurt.

Lighting candles is automatically relaxing – @entiredelights

Gotta get comfyyy.

I like to get in my jammies early. – @nrg75

And cozyyyy.
Movie night complete with homemade truffle popcorn, wine, and my bf – @eynav_ovadia

Time feat. just you can be ~ transformative ~

Taking some time to myself – @raminkoff

And might look like this:
I like to unwin(e) with a glass of wine and a hot bath while I reflect on the week – @rmbinder

Or this:
By going to yoga and giving myself what I need!! – @jayyfi

Or this:
I like to unwind on Shabbat by reading a good book! – @leela_kro

Or even this important practice:
Like to celebrate successes during the week – @todo_muy_cyn

And maybe this, if you’ve got the spunk and the, well, trees (hey, you do you):

Sitting in orchards reflecting on our week <3 – @ncwhite33

But yeah, sometimes it does come down to wine.

With a glass of wine obviously – @leahsharaby

And if it’s gonna be wine? Make it count.
I drink my favorite wine – @peace.love.pam

Shabbat Shalom!

Brocha is excited to be a summer intern for OneTable in NYC, mostly because the concept of OneTable is incredibly meaningful to her, but also because her hometown of Chicago suburbia is the Audrey Hepburn of the season: overwhelmingly hot and dishearteningly dead. Her favorite part of Shabbat is sitting around the Friday night dinner table with friends, singing songs together after indulging in maybe a little too much yummy food.

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