Opening Your Table The Day AFTER Thanksgiving

Join me on this journey into the future and pretend it’s Thursday night, post-Thanksgiving dinner…

Your Thanksgiving was FILL IN THE BLANK. Tasty? Full of gratitude? Stressful? Joyful? All of the above?

Now you’re coming off the high of Thanksgiving and probably thinking to yourself, what shall I do this Friday night?

Enter OneTable! Hosting a Shabbat dinner after Thanksgiving is the move. Why?

  1. It’s the perfect time to chill and decompress with friends (maybe even host an open dinner and and hang with a bunch of new friends) after spending your day running around, balancing relatives, and/or eating too much food (Just me? Okay, cool.)
  2. It’s a time to reconnect with your hometown pals – OneTable goes with you where you go! (Wherever thou go, I shall goest – really meant for you and OneTable, not you and your spouse or whatever they read at weddings). Host your friends and show off your newly acquired challah-baking skills, make everyone bring leftovers, or, ya know, order in food from GrubHub and reflect on what you’re thankful for over ramen. We don’t judge.
  3. It’s the perfect time for Friendsgiving! Didn’t get your Friendsgiving in earlier in the month? Cool. Plan a two-day-Thanksgiving extravaganza Thursday-to-Shabbat. Try out some Thanksgiving leftover recipes or if family cooking was a bust, get a gift card from GrubHub!

Post your post-Thanksgiving dinner here, and check out all our Friendsgiving resources here.

Julia Logan Labow started as the Chicago Field Manager and has grown into the Co-Director of the Field and the Director of Research.

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