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Kavod. A quick Google search will tell you that this word means “respect” or “honor” in Hebrew. 

COVID. A quick Google search will tell you a lot and possibly sky rocket you into a place of worry. 

Let’s focus on Kavod

Light box with black letters reading "Love One Another"

Your world is sharing content with you from left right and center so we’ll dive right in. Kavod ha’briot is a *key* value within Jewish hospitality — it highlights the importance of honoring the human-ness of the person next to you. It’s about acknowledging the way the person across your table, or maybe these days your screen, is navigating life’s qualms and our shared surroundings…  just like you. How? They feel all the feels, you can connect with each other through shared joy and confusion, and mostly, you can share a meal (even virtually). Once that much has been acknowledged, there’s room to take it one step deeper.

Welcome them. See the shared human-ness and welcome it into your (mental, one day physical) space. Respect that they may be bringing something to your table that you may not completely understand and honor that you’ve created a space where someone can show off their human-ness. How beautiful that you’ve welcomed them at their purest self. 

COVID creates distance; kavod transcends it. Like I said… let’s focus on kavod.

This piece was written by OneTable team member, Marissa Freeman, but inspired a Chicago-based host who mentioned this concept in their dinner. We are, once again, moved and motivated by the creativity of our community and the way they show up for themselves and each other.

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