They’re Here: OneTable Zoom Backgrounds #TableGoals

Physical social distancing is hard, and some days (okay all days at the moment?) Zoom feels like one of the main things keeping us together. It’s changed how we WFH and—most importantly—how we connect over Shabbat dinner. Though most of us can’t be spending Friday night lighting candles at a beachside picnic, drinking in a rooftop soirée, or even just hanging in our apartments with friends, that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine we are.

Enter: our #tablegloals Zoom backgrounds. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s basically a virtual green screen when you video-chat. Here’s how to add them: First, download the images below (right click, save image). Then, in the bottom left corner of your Zoom window (while you’re Zooming), you’ll see an icon that says “Stop video.” Click the little arrow right next to it, and select “Choose a virtual background.” Then upload one or all of these!

Note: If you’re getting an error message, head to the top bar where it says “” and then check for updates. Once you update and open Zoom again, these should work no problem. Make sure both “Mirror my video” and “I have a green screen” are not checked (unless you have one, then props).

Gray wooden table on the beach cheese plates, loaves of bread, apples, and green and purple grapes scattered throughout the center with glasses of orange-red wine. Colorful, geometric-designed pillows at each seat.
White table cloth with two white, lit candles in glass candleholders. Red flag resting on table behind the candles and big, tan block letters reading "Friday" with twinkly lights scattered among the letters.
Rustic table setting with black tablecloth, gold plates, and clear glasses at each seat. Two lit Shabbat candles in the middle with tall green vase of greenery on the left. Blurry wine barrels in the background.
Wooden table with blue plates and napkins at each place setting. Light pink and purple flowers scattered throughout the table with clear glasses at each plate.
Up-close photo of table with clear, tall vase with white flowers on the left, clear wine glasses at each place setting with short, lit candles in the middle. Bright blue evening sky in the background
Up-close photo of a table with white tablecloth and glass wine glasses resting face-down at each table setting. Short, lit candles rest in the middle of the table in front of a bush with white bulbs as the centerpiece. Fading sunset in the background.
Photo taken from the head of a long, rectangular table with white-cushioned wood chairs and glasses filled with water at each place setting. Blurry tree covered in white lights behind the table and a runner of greenery and white and dark purple flowers through the middle of the table.
Red brick wall with pink, LED light sign reading "Friday" in pink, capital block letters.
Six loaves of challah in bright shades of yellow, red, blue, and pink laying next to each other

Plus, you know we’ve even got you for Passover.

Up-close photo of blue and gold trimmed bowl of matzo ball soup with one matzo ball on a spoon. White OneTable logo with OneTable website and social media handle in the bottom left corner.
Up-close, bird's eye view photo of silver platter with matzo in the bottom right corner with blue ribbon on the platter. Two gold glasses of wine, an egg, and walnuts laying next to the platter, all resting on wooden table. White OneTable logo with OneTable website and social media handle in the bottom left corner.
Bird's eye view photo of bright blue wooden table with silver plate with matzo on the left and four glasses of wine in silver cups on the right of plate. White OneTable logo in the bottom left corner with OneTable website and social media handle below
Bright blue wooden table with two clothes pins each holding a half of a broken piece of matzo on a piece of brown string. White OneTable logo with OneTable website and social media handle in the bottom left corner.

OneTable empowers people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. The OneTable community is funded to support people (21-39ish), not in undergraduate studies, and without an existing weekly Shabbat practice, looking to find and share this powerful experience.

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