#SupportLocal Shabbat: Denver Edition

Denver, while we know that this time can feel difficult and isolating, our hope is that through the magic of Shabbat, you can still end your week with gratitude, grounding, and a deep exhale.

Many of you are selecting GrubHub for your OneTable Nourishment so that you can support local businesses while elevating your Friday night, so we compiled a list of stellar local restaurants you can support with your GrubHub Nourishment right now.

Middle Eastern Cuisine:

 Marrakech Grill 

Bird's eye view photo of white square plates, each with a meal. The middle plate has a rotisserie chicken with white rice and a cup of orange sauce, white napkin with a fork and spoon to the right

Mexican Cuisine

Taqueria La Familia

Photo of two plates of stir-fry on wide, silver platters on a wooden table

Organic/Health Food:

The Corner Beet

Bird's eye view photo of white plate with avocado toast topped with sliced tomatoes, a fried egg, and balsamic drizzled over the plate.

Latin American Cuisine:

Maria Empanada

Up-close photo of three pastries lying next to each other on a silver platter on a wooden table, fork coming from the bottom right corner

We’re also loving…

Deli-style food: Leven Deli Co

Middle Eastern Cuisine: Marrakech Grill 

Japanese Cuisine: Taki Sushi

Chinese/Vietnamese Cuisine: Treasure Pot

Cuban Cuisine: Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria

Peruvian Cuisine: Los Cabos 

West African Cuisine: African Grill and Bar


Feeling inspired? Post your dinner here and select GrubHub as your Nourishment option. Don’t forget: we’re Nourishing dinners for just you, you and your roomies, or larger virtual gatherings. Check out our Shabbat Alone, Together page to learn more.

Have more favorites you’ve been ordering from right now? Let us know in the comments!

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