Take it Outside: Nourishment Inspo for a Socially Distanced Shabbat

Jewish tradition teaches that saving one life is tantamount to saving the entire world, and we take this teaching seriously. As such, we may be slower to fully “reopen” than some other organizations. After 3 months of social distancing, OneTable will now support the following options: 

  1. Solo Shabbat 
  2. Shelter-in-Place Shabbat (with roommates)
  3. Virtual Shabbats (including OneTable Live)
  4. In-person dinners outdoors, in accordance with Social Distancing Requirements 
Photo of three people and a dog, all sitting socially distanced in a field of grass
London-based designer Paul Cocksedge's Here Comes the Sun blanket would allow people to "socialize safely and confidently" outdoors. Click the image above to learn how to make your own!

If you’re comfortable hosting a socially distant picnic, host a glorious Shabbat dinner outside. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite things you can purchase with Nourishment to make hosting outside safe, fun, and festive:

Photo of three rows of battery-operated candles


We’ve added CVS as a OneTable Nourishment option — because what’s more hospitable than providing your guests with their own mask, wipes, or bottle of hand sanitizer? Pro-tip: buy in bulk and grab a few mini bottles to fill for your guests (they can keep refilling, too). Feelin’ adventurous? Add some essential oils to spice it up a bit — peppermint oil keeps the bees away, and lemongrass keeps mosquitoes at bay.

While we’re talking about mosquitos, get yourself a Citronella candle or two — protect yourself and they can double as your Shabbat candles. (Not feeling it? Try fire-safe tea lights plus all-natural, nice-smelling bug protector, or a portable mosquito repellent device that protects for hours and can be refilled.) If you’re doing dinner before the sun goes down and don’t want to burn — this Shalom Y’all hat is everything.

It wouldn’t be Summer 2020 without essential protective masks — check out these with designs like pomegranate, matzah, and bagel.

Open, rainbow striped picnic blanket

This durable, machine washable picnic blanket folds up for easy portability — make sure each guest brings their own! If you don’t have outdoor seating, these chairs are super affordable and portable, too. (Stage them six feet+ apart, and fully sanitize before and after use.) Or, you can make it silly with these everything bagel pool floaties — great for keeping yourself off wet grass. 

Light pink plastic dinner plate

Food Storage + Serving
Single-use plate and flatware is a must during COVID-19 times  (CVS/Walgreens have tons of options) — but when possible, we’d recommend eco-friendly tableware like these compostable palm leaf bowls or these plates made from recycled plastic.

Keep your beverages cold in this affordable party tub, or if you’re all about that Friday night wine, check out this classy portable wine rack.

4-pack of mini Sutter Home Rosé bottles

Food + Beverage

Social distancing was MADE for BYOB (and of course BYOSD — Bring Your Own Shabbat Dinner). Send out recipes to your guests so you can all cook up the same meal, or encourage guests to each bring their own favorites. Recommend that guests bring the beverages of their choice…beer or hard seltzer work great, as do these mini wine bottles. These summer flavors of sparkling water are always a good idea for those who want a non-alcoholic alternative.

Up-close photo of string lights

Odds & Ends

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I try to avoid more than making multiple trips up/down the stairs with my groceries. This insulated (and personalized) picnic basket can help you carry all of the things in one go, and this hilarious gym bag makes a great tote for blankets + all the non-food stuff you’re bringing. 

An outdoor extension cord for all of your electricity needs, like if you wanted to have an outdoor movie screening with this projector that (has a 4.4 rating with over 16,000 reviews) you can connect to your phone! 

And for ambiance, solar lights are great to set the mood and only require some time in the sun to charge. Want something a little more interactive? This lil firepit is great for ambiance AND warmth.

*Most of these options are available for purchase directly via our Nourishment partners, including through Instacart. Some partners must be ordered in advance. Availability varies by location, so reach out to your local Field Manager with any questions. For more info on Shabbat in the time of COVID-19, click here.*

OneTable empowers people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. The OneTable community is funded to support people (21-39ish), not in undergraduate studies, and without an existing weekly Shabbat practice, looking to find and share this powerful experience.

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  • Hi! I “found you” from a JPRO email. This looks wonderful! And so, I was wondering even more..if you know of such an initiative for 40- 50 -60 + year olds who are living solo or grandparents aging- in- place, especially during these Covid months!?

    Thanks, Orit

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