20 Crowd-Pleasing Passover Boxes and Bundles (Especially for First-Time Hosts!)

Passover, the easy way!

Ask most people, and chances are “laboring away on food prep” isn’t the way they envision celebrating the holiday of Freedom. But many people end up doing exactly that, spending long hours in the kitchen, praying their complicated gluten-free recipes don’t all end up tasting like the bricks the Jews used to build pyramids with. 

If only there were an easier way.

Well, thanks to out-of-the-box thinking and the miracle of shipping, there is. Passover Bundles and Boxes cover every Seder need and size, presenting fresh, exciting holiday menu options. They are an ideal answer for the first-time Seder host looking to simplify the process without sacrificing style and the seasoned Seder-maker who wants to spice things up. 

Ready to level-up this Passover? Here are the best of this year’s curated holiday options. 

Seder Fun

Just because the Seder follows a set formula doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining. With the right bundles, seder leaders can stack the odds in their favor. Children of all ages will have a blast with the Passover-themed games and toys stuffed into the Passover Games-in-a-Bag Tote. The activities are interactive and educational, and many, like the Plagues in a Can, can engage young and old at the Seder. Pair this with the Bucket of [Chocolate] Frogs, and you’ve got a hit Seder on your hands.

tote bag with writing "havin' a (matzah) ball." with different games and treats in the bag
a box of assorted candies with a blue ribbon

Seder Foods (and Desserts, obviously)

Ready to break free from the kitchen, but don’t want to sacrifice taste? Try the Ready-to-Go Passover Dinner from The Challah Connection. This elevated menu features Ashkenazi favorites like Bubby’s Homestyle Gefilte Fish with a side of Carrot Tzimmes and Matzah Ball Soup along with updated recipes such as the duo of Pomegranate Glazed Brisket and Tarragon Lemon Roasted Chicken. 

Have the main courses under control and just looking for a fabulous finish? The Challah Connection has several luscious dessert options. Treat yourself and guests to the indulgence of the Decadent Desserts Collection Deluxe or the Dayenu Dessert Tray with their assortments of rich Passover cakes, bonbons, rum balls, and other finely crafted sweets. Surprise the family with an abundance of fruits and nuts from the Premium Gift Tower, or satisfy sugar cravings with over two pounds of colorful desserts from the Passover Chocolate & Candy Collection

For something extra special to nosh on, check out the Ultimate Halva Collection and Gourmet Macaroon Madness Collection. These unique desserts will leave Seder participants raving for holidays to come, all without any sweat on your part.

Setting Your Seder Table

For those who have never made a Seder before, assembling all the necessary equipment can become overwhelming. Judaica.com’s Holiday-in-a-Box sets eliminate all stress with unique, thoughtful Seder night collections. Sets include beautiful pieces, such as the striking Brass Branch to Freedom Seder plate in the Modern Family Seder-in-a-Box and the lushly embroidered pomegranate-themed Yair Emanuel Matzah Cover and Afikomen Bag included with the Mega Passover Box

These sets also take into account the participants. For Seder leaders, the boxes include either the Jonathan Sacks Haggadah, which combines sensitive translations of the texts with from Chief Rabbi of England Lord Jonathan Sacks’ insightful commentaries, or A Family Haggadah II, whose text features gender-inclusive language and inspires interactive discussions. For children, options like the Family Seder-in-a-Box add fun touches like a Passover Bingo Set. And, in the spirit of the occasion, each of the Judaica.com sets features limited edition 10 Plague Wine Coasters.

Looking for the absolute basics? Seder-in-a-Box from The Challah connection provides a tasteful Seder plate, complete with all the food items needed, from shank bone to bitter herb. The box includes grape juice, Matzah, and an Artscroll Family Haggadah for leaders. There’s also an option for just the loaded Seder plate.

white marble seder plate with varying foods
Spread of brunch materials, coffee + lox and cream cheese + chocolates and cakes

All Eight Days

Of course, Seder night is the star of Passover, but there are other days to this holiday. You can make the most of the family time without any of the work with strategic boxes and bundles peppered throughout. One of our absolute favorites this year is the Lotta Lox & Matzah Brunch Basket Deluxe. The basket comes with everything you need to host a memorable Passover get-together, including Matzah, lox, cream cheese, gourmet coffee, and cakes. It even includes cute ceramic coffee mugs to add some extra holiday cheer.

If you decide to head out and enjoy the holiday on the road, don’t worry about packing food. The Havin’ a [Matzah] Ball Tote is stuffed with goodies for the whole family and then some. In case you’re tempted to keep all the almond macaroons to yourself, we’ll note that the tote comes with enough incredible cakes, cookies, and chocolate to serve 12-14, so it might be safe to share. 

On second thought, maybe get two.

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