Now Inducting Into the Challah Fame: Molly of @mollys.challies

The Challah Fame is a OneTable series that celebrates someone who loves to make challah (or delicious Jewish food!) and does so as a form of self-care, self-expression, as a business, or for any other reason (do we really need a reason to adore a good chunk of that beautiful bread?!).

Know someone who needs to be inducted ASAP? Fill this out with the info you have and we’ll be in touch, or send it over to them to complete!

What does Shabbat look like for you? What role does challah play in it? 

It differs every week, but my favorite Shabbat weekends are spent with friends or family, eating a good meal, good challah, and enjoying each other’s company after a week of work. 

Since I started baking challah consistently last summer, it has brought me so much joy to share what I bake with my family and friends. Being able to nourish the people I love each week with delicious challah has helped me deepen my own Shabbat practice and develop a way to unwind after a busy week. It has definitely contributed positively to my own wellness by giving me a space to do what I love while being creative!

Challah Fame Template

Where do you do your baking? 

Chicago, IL

We’ve been drooling over pictures of your challah for a while, but where can other people see your creations? 


Um, these are gorgeous. Where’d you learn to braid bread like that? 

My sister taught me! I’ve always helped to bake challah over the years, whether at home or summer camp growing up, but never really learned every step and did it alone. When I stayed with my sister and her family in summer 2020, we baked every week and I learned the whole process.

We have to know…what is the most delicious challah you’ve ever made or had? Spare no details!

The most delicious challah I’ve ever had is by far my brother-in-law’s mom Faye’s challah. It is perfect every single time and is definitely the best I’ve tasted. The best challah I’ve ever made myself was a molten chocolate stuffed challah!

Ok so besides challah, what does taking a *pause* from all the craziness of the week look like for you? 

Besides baking, I love walking! Alone or with friends, I love taking long walks and thinking about the past week, and my goals and plans for the upcoming week.

How can we get our hands on some of your challah?

On my Instagram, my order form is posted every Sunday until we sell out!

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