OneTable Research Advisory Board Welcomes Researcher Gage Gorsky

Gage Gorsky, PhD, to Join OneTable Research Advisory Board, Help Data-Driven Organization Engage More Young Adults in Weekly Friday Night Dinner Ritual


(New York) OneTable, a national nonprofit that empowers young adults (21-39ish) to find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners, today announced the addition of Gage Gorsky, PhD, to the OneTable Research Advisory Board. The Research Advisory Board is a multi-disciplinary group of thought leaders who care deeply how Jewish practice impacts the lives of young adults, and who bring a broad understanding of the field to bear as they think through the most challenging education issues facing OneTable. Gorsky brings their perspective as a queer, mixed Mexican Jewish multimodal research advisor, data analyst and program evaluator to the OneTable committee..


Gage Gorsky, Research Advisory Board member

“It is truly a privilege to serve alongside the many other esteemed members of OneTable’s Research Advisory Board,” adds Gage Gorsky, PhD. “The sheer existence of this board is an affirmation of OneTable’s dedication to data-driven decision-making that connects organizational practice and process with the very human experiences of those participating in OneTable dinners as a host or guest.”

“This sort of reflective practice demonstrates an organizational ethic of care and attention that unsurprisingly also shines through in the feedback participants give about their experiences,” Gorsky continued.  “We have so many ways to connect to one another these days and yet are in a historical moment where people are paradoxically becoming more and more socially alienated. OneTable dinners provide an antidote to that disconnection for Jews and non-Jews alike.”


“Gage brings a unique and essential viewpoint as well as the experience and expertise needed to help our Advisory board support OneTable as we continue to grow,” said Julia Logan Labow, MSEd, Director of Research + Field Operations of OneTable. “We look forward to their input and guidance as we focus on helping even more young adults create for reflection and connections through our Jewish rituals.”

About Gage Gorsky

GAGE GORSKY is a queer mixed Mexican Jewish multimodal research advisor, data analyst, and program evaluator who uses a range of methodologies to explore intersections of identity and the phenomenon of social categorization, with a focus on the liminal and marginal embodied experiences of real people. They have a doctorate in Educational Measurement and Statistics from the University of Washington, where their dissertation examined persistent gender stereotypes embedded into the linguistic features of middle school math word problems.

Gage’s inquiry bridges social science themes, with expertise and experience doing research spanning disciplines (education, history, statistics, feminist and queer theories, psychology, and identity development). Past projects have covered dynamic subject matter, including a genealogical and historical study of the Mormon migration to California during the mid-19th century, a statistical exploration of factors influencing healthcare utilization among transgender adults in the United States, and HR- and disability justice-focused survey research on workplace inclusion practices within a markedly mixed-ability workforce.

Their most recent work explores the dynamic expression of intersectional Jewish identity, including collaborations with the Jews of Color Initiative, where they helped lead “Beyond the Count,” the largest ever study of Jews of Color released August 2021, as well as the Jim Joseph Foundation, and synagogues across the United States. As well as serving on the advisory boards for Edot Midwest and Tiyuv, Gage is currently involved in evaluation projects with SVARA, Nazun, and soon to begin a research role at Stanford University.

About OneTable

OneTable empowers people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. OneTable is a national nonprofit founded to support people (21-39ish) looking to find and share this powerful experience. We envision a whole generation slowing down, joining together, unplugging from the week, creating intention in their lives, and building meaningful communities.


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OneTable empowers people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. The OneTable community is funded to support people (21-39ish), not in undergraduate studies, and without an existing weekly Shabbat practice, looking to find and share this powerful experience.

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