OneTable, welcome your new LA Field Manager: Talia Gnessin!

Talia is joining OneTable after years of dipping her toes in both Jewish education work as well as the Film production world. Her passion for being around people and creative energy have taken her to all sorts of places- and now, to OneTable! Talia has never strayed too far from California- born and raised in LA and then going off to UC Santa Cruz for undergrad (go slugs), where she studied Film and Digital Media and Sustainability. Her love for the West Coast runs DEEP. Outside of work she loves sitting at coffee shops with a book and never reading it, making haircut appointments and cancelling them, and of course collecting reusable water bottles but forgetting to drink water (working on this!). She is ridiculously excited to join the team as the new LA Field Manager, to continue the work OneTable has been doing in cultivating community in the most special of ways.


What does Shabbat dinner mean to you?

Shabbat dinner to me, is an opportunity to push back against expectations of productivity. A chance to pause and simply experience radical joy and togetherness.

What one food are you bringing to a deserted island?

Deviled eggs from Zoccoli’s deli in Santa Cruz, CA

What’re you most looking forward to doing in your new role?

I’m excited to help folks create their own practice around rest. Everyone deserves Shabbat!

What’s your favorite ritual and why?

My favorite ritual is making my coffee in the morning, plating it next to some fruit, and taking it outside to enjoy in some fresh air before getting my day started.

Ask me about…

All things shabbat in LA, how much I love trees, instructions for the sweetest cutest most perfect soft boiled egg

Create your own OneTable Shabbat dinner plans this week!

OneTable empowers people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. The OneTable community is funded to support people (21-39ish), not in undergraduate studies, and without an existing weekly Shabbat practice, looking to find and share this powerful experience.

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