Author: Dyanna Loeb

A Sweet Seder: The Rosh Hashanah Meal

Apples and honey are a well-known holiday staple at Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) tables all over the world. We indulge in sweet foods, so that the year to come will be just as [...]
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Setting the Table with Via Maris

With Passover less than two weeks away (!) we reached out to Dana Hollar Schwartz, founder of modernist Judaica brand Via Maris, to hear more about why Judaicia is still important, what keeps Passover relevant [...]
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OneTable, welcome your new Boston Field Manager, Hannah Weinstein!

Want to grab a [virtual] coffee? Chat about Shabbat or life in general? Wondering how to create a Shabbat practice that is reflective of who you are? Connect with Hannah at! Create your own OneTable [...]
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