Author: Jess Spivack

MyOneStory: Rachel

OneTable's Jess Spivack sat down with NYC host and guest, Rachel Fogel, to talk about her OneTable story. JS: What brought you to OneTable? RF: In May 2016, I was a Birthright participant on a [...]
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Our Guide to Setting a (One)Table

We get it, planning a dinner, especially your first one, can seem daunting. But it's an amazing opportunity to explore the Jewish value of Hiddur Mitzvah, or "elevating our actions," and ending the week with [...]
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Matzah Madness

If you're anything like me, Passover flies by and you're left with fond memories of sitting around the seder with those you well as boxes upon boxes of leftover matzah. We get it--mornings are rough, [...]
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