Author: Kasey Passen

Dreaming of Cheese: Cheese Plate Like a Pro

The Basics 1. Choose Different Types of Milk: cow, goat, sheep, raw/pasteurized, blended milks 2. Different Textures: I like to use 1 soft, 1 semi-firm, 1 aged and 1 blue cheese on all my plates. [...]
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Whole Foods Party of 10 | Fall Feast

Kasey Passen spent ten years focusing on dinner parties as a restaurant chef and caterer before becoming OneTable's Associate Director of Hubs.  Her passion is making people happy through food, so she's sharing some of her “WOW” recipes [...]
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Hosting when you’re too busy to host: A Millennial Guide

Can you host a killer Shabbat dinner party when you have a super busy life? Of course you can, you just need to plan in advance! As a trained chef and seasoned caterer, I have [...]
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