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We’ve partnered with the Jewish Book Council to bring some awesome stuff to your Shabbat dinner table.

Jewish Book Council enriches and educates the Jewish community through Jewish literature.  JBC provides tools for substantive conversations about Jewish life and identity. You can find out more at, and join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook.

“Three possessions should you prize: a field, a friend, and a book.”
– R. Hai ben Sherira, ca. 998 CE.

The Jews have long been known as a “people of the book,” a reference to the centrality of Torah to the Abrahamic faiths. For your next Shabbat dinner, we invite you to let your table be your field, and gather with friends and a good book.

This Month's Books as Nourishment

The Jewish Cookbook by Leah Koenig 
Featuring more than 400 home-cooking recipes for everyday and holiday foods from the Middle East to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa – as well as contemporary interpretations by renowned chefs including Yotam Ottolenghi, Michael Solomonov, and Alex Raij – this definitive compendium of Jewish cuisine introduces readers to recipes and culinary traditions from Jewish communities the world over, and is perfect for anyone looking to add international tastes to their table.

Here All Along by Sarah Hurwitz
After a decade as a political speechwriter—serving as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama, a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama, and chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton on her 2008 presidential campaign—Sarah Hurwitz decided to apply her skills as a communicator to writing a book . . . about Judaism. And no one is more surprised than she is.


Sababa by Adeena Sussman
In Hebrew (derived from the original Arabic), sababa means “everything is awesome,” and it’s this sunny spirit with which the American food writer and expat Adeena Sussman cooks and dreams up meals in her Tel Aviv kitchen. In Sababa, Sussman presents 125 recipes for dishes inspired by this culinary wonderland and by the wide-varying influences surrounding her in Israel.


Bring the Words to Your Dinner

After you’ve selected your books for Nourishment, we’ll send you a letter from the author written just for OneTable hosts.

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