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“Though camp rules and mentality might not be possible all year round, it was at least waiting for us to return to its sweet playfulness and joy whenever we were ready. This is what Heschel meant when he called the Sabbath a palace in time…There’s no need for a physical temple or a church, or even a beautiful forest. That is the beauty of sacred time: it stretches across all places and is accessible to us, wherever we are.”

-Casper ter Kuile, The Power of Ritual

There’s nothing like those #FridayNightFeels that come with Camp Shabbat, so while there may not be Camp this summer, we’re here to help you keep that magic of our favorite Friday nights, while protecting the health and safety of one another. Whether you were a camp kid or not, join us in celebrating Shabbat in the spirit of summer camp all month long. Think Camp Reunion Shabbats, Staff “Bonfires,” tie-dye and crafting workshops, and all that brings you summertime joy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

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A Shabbat Guide with a Side of Summer Camp Spirit

Photo of two men, a woman, and a dog all sitting socially distanced in a field of grass

Take it Outside: Inspo for a Socially Distanced Shabbat

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S'More The Merrier: #CampOneTable Eats

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The Camp 2020 Summer Playlist

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Friday Night Crafts, Camp Style

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Camp Shabbat Activities

Wooden logs creating a firepit with flame rising, wooden picnic table and fading sunset in the background

Some Nature Torah

Deck of a lake at camp, big green trees in the background reflected in the water

Living Six Days for One

Our Watch-List

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution | Netflix

A groundbreaking summer camp galvanizes a group of teens with disabilities to help build a movement, forging a new path toward greater equality.

How do I host a Camp Shabbat

When posting your dinner, or searching for a seat at the table, use the tag CampOneTable2020. New to OneTable? Check out this page on hosting and our resource library.

How does hosting with OneTable work?

What is Nourishment?

  • It’s a resource OneTable is able to offer to those hosts who need a little extra help to elevate their dinners. It is not meant to cover the full cost of the dinner. It comes in the form of digital gift cards. Our options are businesses that give us discounts on their services. If you do not need this assistance, you can choose to “pay it forward” and it will help another host bring more Shabbat into their life!
  • Nourishment Credit is a pre-imbursement. You’ll receive an online gift card or coupon code to use at any of the vendors we partner with.
  • When you create your dinner on the platform, you can select where you would like to use your nourishment credit (for example: Instacart, Whole Foods, Seamless, etc.).
  • Our Nourishment team will confirm your choice and email you your Nourishment Credit (e-gift card/code) the week of your dinner.
  • NOTE: If you want to use your Nourishment for places like ModernTribe, or other options that have longer shipping windows, you must post your dinner and request these Nourishment Options at least two (2) weeks in advance.

When do I need to choose Nourishment by?

In order to receive nourishment, your dinner must be posted no later than the Tuesday night before your dinner. You must select your Nourishment by Tuesday evening at midnight local time to be Nourished for that week. We send Nourishment for each person (up to 10) that has RSVPed through OneTable by Wednesday at 11:59pm, not based on your expected guest count. Dinners must have at least 5 RSVPs by that time to be eligible.

Can I host more than once this July?

Yes! In addition to our Camp-aign, check out our library of resources.

Can I have my parents/kids/non-Jewish friends at my table?

During social distancing, as long as you are following our social distancing guidelines, we’re happy to support your dinner and whomever you invite as your guests!

Pre-COVID, and when we return to mainly in-person events, all attendees must be over 21.

OneTable hosts are 21-39ish and interested in forming/nourishing a Shabbat dinner practice.

What makes a Friday night dinner a Shabbat dinner?

Shabbat dinner is special, and we hope that you’ll consider ways to set a specific intention for the space you are creating. Rituals (like candle lighting, a blessing over the wine, and having challah) are some meaningful ways to elevate Friday night. Your Field Manager is the best person to talk with about ritual, and ways you can create intention whether traditional or unique to you.

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with your Field Manager.