It's Election Szn 2020!

OneTable invites you to post Shabbat dinners that allow you to participate in civic engagement and conversations to prep you for the polls. OneTable is non-partisan, but pro-conversation, and if it’s your thing, we think that a great place to start is at the table. To see what’s possible and what isn’t when it comes to Shabbat with OneTable and dinners tied to politics, we got ya:

Election and Civic Engagement FAQ

How does hosting a Shabbat with OneTable work?

If you are not already a OneTable Shabbat dinner host, sign up here. (Applications take up to 3 days to process.) Once you’re a host, you can post your dinner here.

Physical social distancing is hard – but we’re following the current health authority advice and it’s what we need to do. Please only host your household or get together virtually. During this time, we cannot allow dinners on the platform that are in-person, unless it’s for the people you live with – we’re Nourishing dinners of any size.

Can I host a dinner in support of a political candidate?

No, and here’s why: As a 501c3 charity, OneTable resources cannot be used for any political activity for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a public election or to support or oppose a political party or candidate running for public office.




Can I host a dinner that’s attended by someone running for office?

You can! With some stipulations. The deets: OneTable hosted dinners or platform descriptions cannot identify a community leader as a candidate, endorse or fundraise for a candidate, or distribute materials and photos prepared by candidates.

Example of a great dinner description (in this example, Lara Hernandez is a candidate, but see how she is introduced in the description):

Please join us for a lovely Shabbat dinner and meaningful discussion about important topics such as healthcare, gun violence prevention, immigration, reproductive rights, criminal justice reform, the environment, and the state of our education system to name just a few. In attendance will be Lara Hernandez, a community manager and founder of a civic engagement organization.


Can I fundraise for a political candidate at a OneTable Shabbat dinner?

No. The OneTable platform cannot be used for fundraising purposes including for a political candidate, 501c4, PAC, or any partisan political issue.

Can I mention specific candidates or ballot issues in my dinner title or description?

Candidates: No. Ballot issues: Yes!

Let’s break it down: Candidates cannot be mentioned as candidates in your title or description. If there is a candidate for public office joining your dinner, within your description you can share that there will be an opportunity to meet a community leader.


Ballot issues can be mentioned in event titles or descriptions, as issue advocacy is allowed at OneTable Shabbat dinners.

How can I incorporate the upcoming election into my Shabbat dinner?

  • Voter registration and get out the vote!
  • Issue advocacy (examples: communications intended to bring awareness to a certain problem, such as education, the environment, or the need for bike lanes)

Is OneTable a non-partisan organization?

Yes. As a 501c3 charity, OneTable resources cannot be used for any political activity for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a public election or to support or oppose a political party or candidate running for public

Where does civic engagement intersect with Shabbat?

TLDR: Everywhere! OneTable supports civic engagement and encourages you to bring the joy of Shabbat dinner to educate your friends and family about the causes you care about.

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with your Field Manager.

OneTable & Partner Resources

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 5.08.38 PM

Power the Polls

Democracy has been a core value of the Jewish People since the beginning of our tradition, but this year America is facing a record shortage of poll workers due to the coronavirus. You can make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all.

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BallotReady Shabbat

Prepare to party. Party to prepare. Interested in helping your friends, family, and community prepare to vote in an upcoming election? Host a Ballot Party!

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Dayenu's CHUTZPAH 2020

The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. Chutzpah 2020 is Dayenu’s effort to reach out to 200,000 climate-concerned voters in key states before Election Day, let them know what’s at stake, and ensure they know when and how to vote safely.

Mitzvote Header_HUB Header_Just Text_HUB Header_Just TextNEW


MitzVote is a non-partisan get-out-the-vote campaign powered by Hillel International that provides college students with the education and resources they need to mobilize and vote in the 2020 election

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From voting to volunteering, #RepairTheVote walks you through exercising your right to vote and how you can use your time to serve in this election. OneTable has joined the Jewish Service Alliance, which is offering volunteer opportunities for you to get civically engaged.

Overhead shot of two Black masculine hands typing on a laptop

Looking to Volunteer on Election Day?

As a Jewish people, equality is a part of our fabric — and while casting a ballot is vitally important, we know we need to go further. We can volunteer and make a difference in this election.

JPRO logo in oval

JPRO's What You Can Do (Right Now) to Ensure a Free and Fair Election

On October 29th, join Aaron Dorfman, President of Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, as he explains the different ways that Jewish organizations and professionals can help ensure a free and fair election in the weeks and months ahead.

This event is designed for individuals who work in the Jewish community. 

JPRO logo in oval

JPRO's After Election Day

Join JPRO Network and the Mayberg Center to connect with colleagues and clarify what the moment means for you as an individual and community professional.

In this nonpartisan program, Dr. Erica Brown will teach and facilitate individual reflection. Then, in a breakout session of your choice, you will hear from a thought leader who is considering the implications of the moment for their own work.

This event is designed for individuals who work in the Jewish community. 

OneTable & Partner Open Dinners

Virtual Dinner

Nina is hosting

Rise Up Shabbat

  • Friday, October 30
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Bay Area, Oakland
  • Pacific Time (US & Canada)


Event Details

Election Resource Hub

Register to vote or check your status!

Power the Polls

Help staff your polling place!


What’s on your ballot?

Voto Latino

Uniting and empowering the Latino community.

Black to the Ballot

Black to the Ballot registers, engages, and activates Black voters through a national voter registration drive.