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Please reach out to your local Hub Manager to see if there are Coach openings.

OneTable Shabbat Coaches are expected to help empower OneTable Shabbat dinner hosts to create the Shabbat dinner rituals and practices that feel authentic to them. This can include helping them put together menus, learning Jewish prayers, finding useful icebreakers for the night, and more. It also includes working closely with OneTable Hub Managers to fulfill the organization's goals, experiment with different types of programming, and act as an ambassador for OneTable. Coaches may also be asked to host open/host approval Shabbat dinners to ensure there are always open seats in each Hub city.

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Identity and Practice

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As a Shabbat Coach, you will work one-on-one with OneTable hosts. Your will serve as a point of entry to the OneTable platform and community, and also help represent OneTable in the broader community. Coaches work with hosts to imagine what role Friday night dinner can play their life, and encourage hosts to explore the Jewish values of Shabbat dinner ritual and hachnasat orchim.

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On average, coaches spend 60-90 minutes per host each month.

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