OneTable Community Dinners

OneTable is now accepting applications for facilitating group Shabbat dinner experiences.
We fund between $15-$25/person for events of 50-180 seats at the table.

OneTable partners with pluralistic Jewish communities, organizations and network connectors to create environments where folks can host their own guests in a community setting.

As a Community Dinner partner, you are responsible for planning, promoting and executing your event. You are also responsible for recruiting “event or table hosts” to fill your event by inviting their own guests. Hosts may be provided with resources like wine, challah, candles, food and a space to come together with their guests within the framework of a larger event.

Through these events, we hope to create more opportunities for people to find Shabbat dinner experiences that feel authentic. We also hope to inspire those who hosted at a Community Dinner to explore hosting on their own, and for their guests to try it out too.

To Apply

Contact us at


Community Dinner partners are responsible for recruiting “event or table hosts”. Each host then invites his or her own guests to fill the event.

Eligible Events:

  • Seat no less than 50 people
  • Target people in their 20s and 30s (post-college, pre-family)
  • Allow open registration for some or all seats
  • Have a strong “event or table host” recruitment strategy in place
  • Have viable venue options
  • Are consistent with the mission, vision and values of OneTable
  • Occur on Friday night(s)

Community Dinner Partners:

  • Submit a projected budget before each event (Budget Workbook provided by OneTable)
  • Try something new or different (new people, new food, new setting, new theme)
  • Recruit “event or table hosts” who are capable of filling the event through their own connections
  • Publicly acknowledge a partnership with OneTable
  • Post events on the OneTable platform
  • Participate in a post-event evaluation
  • Submit a Budget to Actual Comparison after each event (using the OneTable Budget Workbook)


Our goal is to create a community of inspiring Shabbat dinner experiences. We hope that after your event, guests feel invigorated, and empowered to host on their own.

In order for your guests to hold on to their Shabbat dinner experience, Community Dinner partners must acknowledge the support from OneTable so that participants know there are more opportunities to attend Shabbat dinner as well as resources available to help them host on their own.

As a Community Dinner partner, you’ll be required to:

  • Link to in all email invitations
  • Reference OneTable at all events
  • Use this language: “Nourished by OneTable” (with OneTable logo) on all online and print materials
  • Post dinner event on OneTable platform to advertise and manage registration
  • Build an online profile and event listing that reflects your style and highlights “what to expect”


  • Per Event: Receive between $15-$25 per seat at the table for a maximum of $4,500


Events are funded individually. Per each event: 50% of the payment is made once the event is posted on the OneTable platform. The balance is paid post-event, pending approval of the Budget to Actual Comparison and participation in an event evaluation (a survey or an interview) after your first event.

How to Claim the Funding

After the total funding is approved, Community Dinner partners sign the OneTable Agreement Letter and complete both a W9 tax form and an ACH form (for direct deposit). All payments are made via electronic transfer.

You are able to allocate the money however you see fit, however we only cover expenses related to the event itself and all expenses must be accounted for in your budgets.


Selection will be made based on creativity, willingness to try something new, and proven ability to both execute and manage an event.

Funding will vary depending on number of participants and event expenses as detailed in a projected (estimated) budget and follow through.

If a selected applicant has not recruited the agreed upon number of “event or table hosts” and guests within 10 days of the event, the Community Dinner partner may forfeit eligibility to receive funding.

We encourage you to keep all receipts and records as there may be tax consequences associated with this funding. Please consult your tax preparer for details.

OneTable is not able to provide guidance on tax matters. OneTable assumes no responsibility related to tax consequences on behalf of you, your company, or organization.​ (Review Feastly’s Terms and Conditions here)

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