What does it mean to welcome a diverse group of people to the Shabbat dinner table?

Radical Hospitality, or Hachnasat Orchim, is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition.

However, discussing challenging topics can be, well, challenging.

To lean into kindness and welcome others, it’s important to have the skills and frameworks to truly open our Shabbat tables to a diverse group of guests. OneTable Conversations will provide you with the space to authentically explore your own values, beliefs, and opinions.

These free, online workshops will be led by experts and organizations that promote discourse. Sign up for one, many, or all of the topics to get confidence, tools, and knowledge. (The calls will not be recorded to respect your privacy and the integrity of the conversations.)

Courageous Conversations with Resetting the Table

Two-Part Series: Tuesdays, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14, at 7-9 PM EST via Zoom

To be able to demonstrate understanding, we need to have the ability to capture or name people’s experience so well that they feel they are fully known as they wish to be known and seen as they wish to be seen. During these workshops, we’ll surface core issues of agreement and difference on charged issues and strengthen your capacity to speak, listen and learn across disagreements. We’ll discuss and practice these lifelong skills that are transferable to many other contexts. The methodology is experiential, walking through road-tested exercises you can replicate on your own.

Upcoming Conversations

We’ll announce more details for these workshops soon. Email MJ to be added to the interest list and get an update when the sign-up opens.

  • An Open Conversation on Antisemitism with Boundless: January 11 via Zoom
  • Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
  • Accessibility
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Gender Diversity


We express radical hospitality, welcoming guests or graciously being welcomed, while honoring the essential value in all human beings. In building community through the ritual of Shabbat dinner, this is one of the most important practices.

We always strive to provide the inspiration and tools to help you experience that at all OneTable dinners. We also cherish the differences among everyone and seek to provide additional training to help you create even more open, diverse, and accessible Shabbat dinner experiences.