Whether you want to host new people at the table or take a break from organizing and head to someone else’s dinner, we’re making it as easy as possible by curating unique Shabbat dinner experiences all over DC.

At OneTable one of our core values is Hachnasat Orchim, or “Welcoming Others.” Gathering at the Shabbat table is not only an an awesome way to grow your tribe, but hospitality is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition; creating warm, supportive dinners is a way to welcome others. What better way to celebrate the end of each week and the start of another than by creating space for new people in your home?

Explore DC

Looking for ways to be creative with your Shabbat dinner? Pick an activity Shabbat so that you and your guests can explore DC and experience Shabbat in a whole new way.

Eat Local Meet Local

Want to experience Shabbat at a table you don’t have to set? Choose a restaurant Shabbat to sit at a different table. Try a local place to eat and meet other local people!

Dine Don't Whine

Whining about cooking for Shabbat in your home? Skip the stress and pick the perfect Shabbat meal from a variety of restaurants with delivery from Caviar.