Event Partnership Criteria

The Fine Print

The following are requirements of your application, event, and post-event report. If accepted, OneTable will offer you a Grant after signing a Grant Agreement Letter. The first half of the grant will be released via direct deposit once the dinner is posted on the platform. The remaining half of the grant will be released following receipt of the items below.

Pre-Shabbat Dinner Event

  • Host will submit a projected budget.
  • Host will submit a W9 and ACH if accepted.
  • Host will sign the OneTable Agreement Letter.
  • Host will post Shabbat dinner event on dinners.onetable.org and will use this as the primary registration platform.

Shabbat Dinner Event Criteria

  • Host will reference OneTable at the event and encourage guests to host their own intimate or large-scale dinners with OneTable.
  • Host will include “Nourished by OneTable” and the OneTable logo on all promotional and press materials.
  • Host will include link to www.onetable.org in all email invites.
  • Host will seat at least 30 guests at the event, or as agreed upon in the Grant Agreement.
  • Host will invite and seat guests who fit the OneTable demographic, adults in their 20s and 30s.
  • Dinner will take place in a OneTable Hub City.

Post-Shabbat Dinner Event

  • Host will submit photo or series of photos following each event and authorize OneTable to use these photos in promotional materials.
  • Host will be available to the OneTable research team.
  • Host will submit a Budget to Actual Comparison Report within two weeks of the event.
  • Host will provide names and emails of any guests who attended the dinner, but did not register on the OneTable platform within two weeks of the event.

Apply Now

In order to apply, please connect directly with your Hub Manager 6-8 weeks in advance of your proposed event, or apply here.

Think you have what it takes?

Contact your Hub Manager or apply here.

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