“The dinner I attended was my dream Shabbat.”
-Robert, LA

Event Partnerships

OneTable works with entrepreneurial hosts to create unique experiences for a Shabbat dinner our through event partnerships. From our Shabbat coaching, to our social dining platform, to our wide audience of potential guests, we offer resources to support you in creating OneTable Shabbat dinner events for 30-100+ guests.

At OneTable our mission is simple: to inspire people to create their own Shabbat dinner experiences. We believe that at the Shabbat dinner table you can slow down, join together and celebrate what you love. You can connect with new people, new places and new traditions. So we provide resources to enable skilled hosts to create elevated experiences for guests.

These events should inspire guests to seek out more opportunities for Shabbat dinner and, eventually, decide to host on their own. We’re seeking the most innovative hosts out there and want to help bring to life your ideas for elevated Friday night dinner experiences. We are looking to expand our community and provide people with more opportunities to find a Shabbat dinner that feels authentic. If that’s you, apply now!

Event Partnership dinners should take place on Friday nights, in creative spaces outside the home, be open to the public and ticketed. Selection is very competitive and will be based on creativity, willingness to try something new, and proven ability to execute an event. Priority will be given to dinners open to guests within and beyond our network.

We are most interested in partnering with chefs, restaurateurs, influencers, bloggers and social entrepreneurs (individuals or teams), and have a preference towards independent initiatives rather than established institutions or organizations. We have limited partnership opportunities available to work with pluralistic Jewish or other community organizations.

We can currently support events in our hub cities: Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, the DC Metro Area, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and New York. If you’re not in one of these cities, but think you have what it takes to create something awesome, contact us.