The Extraordinary Kit

Hosting with the most on December 3rd

The Extraordinary Kit is a curated kit for December 3rd OneTable Shabbanukkah Hosts across Los Angeles. While OneTable Nourishment is always about elevating the Shabbat dinner table, The Extraordinary Kit brings extra pizzazz to your table in a way that feels like everything Hanukkah is about – miracles, extra-ness, decadence, and joyful celebration of life.

The Extraordinary Kit is a gift to 30 OneTable hosts across Los Angeles who are celebrating Shabbanukkah on December 3rd. Infuse your 6th night celebrations with a little extra flair.

What's Inside:

These items were sourced with care and appreciation for local small businesses around Los Angeles

Usual Wine | 100% Mendocino County, 100% perfect fit for a lil toast to kick off your dinner with some blessings. Kiddush (the ritual blessing over wine) allows us to sanctify time and set the mood for a special evening. Cheers!

Enzo’s Olive Oil | our favorite local olive farmers gift you with a bottle of their best to serve as a reminder of the oil that miraculously burned for 7 extra days.

Chally’s Challah | challah, because duh. We love this pandemic-born local + small business. Can’t get enough? Chally’s a OneTable Nourishment option you can select anytime you’re hosting!

Sqirl Jam | a nod to Hanukkah sufganiyot (jelly donuts), getting your hands on this Silverlake-sourced jar of goodness felt obvious. Yum.

Tony’s Chocolonely Bar | this one’s not locally sourced but Tony’s is mindblowingly yum + ethically sourced . Break it up into tiny gelt-sized pieces + enjoy with your guests!

Hanukkiah, candles + matches | to help you participate in the Hanukkah rituals, with candles for this sixth night and on!

Our Winter Light guide | printed glossy to help protect from post-latke oily fingertips, here’s OneTable’s guide to holiday joy at the Shabbat dinner table. Take a moment to connect around ancient Jewish ritual and tell the story of the Hanukkah miracle.

Our Holiday Light Shabbanukkah Dinner Guide

A OneTable guide to holiday joy at the Shabbat dinner table

Infinite Light 2021

This experience is part of the Infinite Light citywide festival powered by NuRoots, an initiative of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Infinite Light ’21 is NuRoots’ seventh annual citywide celebration of Hanukkah—a curated and collaborative eight-day festival of creative Jewish gatherings, resources, and daily candle lighting. Highlighting the unique energy of Hanukkah, reflecting L.A.’s wildly diverse community of Jewish young adults, and made in partnership with incredible organizations and co-creators, it’s an opportunity for all of us to connect and reconnect, inspire and get inspired, come back together as a community, and collectively experience and reimagine an ancient tradition.