Friendsgiving 2019

During this season of gathering, giving, warm candles, hygge vibes, and so so much food, we’ve got everything you need to help you pause, join in community, add some extra #fridaynightmagic to your Friendsgiving Shabbat table.

Some Jew-ish Learning from Rabbi Jessica Minnen:

The word Jewish, whether you’re talking about the practice or the people, comes from the Hebrew name Judah, the forbearer of the tribe and the region (Judea) that later takes his name. When Leah gives birth to him she says, “I am thankful to God” and the name Judah derives from this root word, thankful, the same root as the word todah (thank you) in modern Hebrew. Therefore, etymologically speaking, to be Jewish is to be thankful, and there is certainly no better time of year to embrace our namesake than Thanksgiving.

OneTable x Amplifier Resources on GIVING

The FriendsGIVING Guide

Both Thanksgiving and Shabbat invite us to pause, be in community, share a hearty meal, and reflect on the abundance in our lives. This guide zooms in on one of their shared features: giving. We hope it allows you to have meaningful conversations about your values and motivations, reflecting on the role that giving can play in your upcoming year.

The Tzedakah Shabbat Guide

While it may not seem intuitive to connect tzedakah and Shabbat, there may be no better place than the Shabbat dinner table to reflect on how and why we give, and the impact that our actions have in the world. This guide weaves together Shabbat ritual with tzedakah – the idea that the Jewish people behave righteously – that can be used all year long.

More Friendsgiving Resources


We hope you’ll use this guide to celebrate Friendsgiving, an evening of gratitude not only for what you have, but who you have to share it with.


Table and recipe ideas to make you extra thankful for friends, food, and Fridays!


A smooth blend of Frank Ocean, Iron & Wine, and a lot of songs about pie.


Recipes (and a shopping list!) guaranteed to impress your guests this season.


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Hosting a Shabbat dinner after Thanksgiving is the move. Why? Read on…