Infinite Light Shabbat 2020

This Hanukkah, thanks to our incredible partnership with NuRoots, we’re gifting Angelenos with a special opportunity to join in on NuRoots’ sixth annual Infinite Light, a reimagined virtual Hanukkah festival. We’re teaming up to help you plan your Shabbanukkah celebration.

Infinite Light starts December 10 with First Night, a joyous and interactive community-wide celebration and candle lighting, then heads through eight nights of virtual parties, Shabbat dinners, volunteering, and gatherings with community partners. And to tie it all together, we’re capping off with a gift box to cover your needs for the week—from holiday essentials to special treats like luxury candles and local olive oil.

Welcome to Infinite Light Shabbat – a unique opportunity for you to create and reimagine your own Hanukkah Shabbat dinner – whether you’re celebrating solo, virtually or in-person with your crew. Time to gather around the dinner table, this time adding some of your favorite Hanukkah themes, discussions, and intentions to your Shabbat celebration. 

We are thrilled to be offering Double Nourishment toward these Infinite Light Shabbat dinners ($20 per person up to $200). To be eligible to receive this special gift, please sign up below for a learning session with Rabbi Jess or Rabbi Rose; regular Nourishment is offered at the rate of $10 per person for anyone that posts an Infinite Light Shabbat but does not participate in the learning session. Read below for details on how to post your Infinite Light Shabbat.


Join a learning session with Rabbi Jess or Rabbi Rose and unlock Double Nourishment toward your Infinite Light Shabbat.


Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles: Learn with Rabbi Rose Prevezer

12/3 6-7pm Pacific

Hanukkah oh Hanukkah, we light the…. Hanukkiah? From menorahs to miracles, latkes to lore, nothing at Hanukkah is quite as it seems. Join us for an exploration of Hanukkah’s hidden histories, classic controversies, and magical misdirects, and how a deeper understanding of the festival can increase the beauty and power of your rituals.


Celebrating Winter Light: Learn with Rabbi Jess Minnen


12/7 6-7PM Pacific

Hanukkah is Sukkot, the Maccabees were fundamentalists, the menorah is incorrect, and latkes are Christian. Join us as we explore how a celebration of winter light and Jewish might evolved to become the holiday we know today, and how your own Hanukkah rituals can evolve to make the most of these miracles and magic.


  • If you’re applying to host your first dinner on the OneTable platform as an Infinite Light Shabbat, be sure to mention ‘NuRoots’ and ‘Infinite Light Shabbat’ on your host app so we can be sure to expedite the approval process.
  • Include the following language in your dinner description:

This Infinite Light Shabbat is part of a collab series between OneTable and NuRoots. Infinite Light Shabbats are happening across all of LA on December 11th as part of Infinite Light, a weeklong Hanukkah festival from NuRoots and seven other L.A. community organizations. By registering for this dinner you are agreeing to receive communications from both OneTable and NuRoots.

  • Use any of the graphics below (downloadable here, uploadable when posting your dinner!)




When is Infinite Light Shabbat?

December 11th. As an approved OneTable host, you’re welcome to host Shabbat dinners as often as you’d like.

How does hosting a Shabbat with OneTable work?

If you are not already a OneTable Shabbat dinner host, sign up here. (Applications take up to 3 days to process.) Once you’re a host, you can post your dinner here


We are now supporting the following dinner types:


  1. Solo Shabbat: Post your dinner to be in community with other solo Shabbat hosts and qualify for Nourishment for one.
  2. Shelter-in-Place Shabbat (with roommates)
  3. Virtual Shabbats (including OneTable Live)
  4. In-person dinners outdoors, in accordance with Social Distancing Requirements. Here are some of our favorite items you can get with Nourishment for an epic Shabbat dinner picnic.

Part of the posting process includes selecting Nourishment Credit to help elevate your dinner; you will select up to $100 in Nourishment depending on your anticipated guest count. Participants in our learning will be eligible to have your Nourishment doubled toward the same vendors.

How can I unlock double the Nourishment amount toward my Infinite Light Shabbat?

Join us (link to register) for either of the learning sessions and unlock double the amount of Nourishment $20 per person, up to $200.

Nourishment must be selected by 11:59p local time Tuesday, and you will only be nourished for the number of guests you have signed up by the Wednesday before your dinner.

When does my dinner need to be posted?

Shabbat dinners must be posted on the platform by 11:59p local time on the Tuesday before the dinner.

What is Nourishment?

  • It’s a resource OneTable is able to offer to those hosts who need a little extra help to elevate their dinners. It is not meant to cover the full cost of the dinner. It comes in the form of digital gift cards. If you do not need this assistance, you can choose to “pay it forward” and it will help another host bring more Shabbat into their life!

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with Dani Kohanzadeh, OneTable’s LA Field Manager.


We will share Infinite Light Shabbats happening around LA here as they are posted on the OneTable platform!



The Box

Assembled with love by the NuRoots team, the Infinite Light gift box includes everything you or someone you love needs for the week, from Hanukkah essentials like candles and gelt to specialty treats like organic local olive oil to a luxe, latke-scented soy candle from the legendary Homesick Candles—and a few surprises, too. Order before 11/23 for early bird pricing!

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The Jam

Introducing The Jam, a daily dose of magic arriving in your inbox throughout Hanukkah. Featuring recipes, playlists (A.K.A. JAMS!), Infinite Light donuts, and more.

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The Shabbanukkah Guide

It’s no coincidence that Hanukkah, or chag urim, the “festival of lights” in Hebrew, falls every year on or near the winter solstice. Most faiths that originated in the ancient Near East, including Christianity, embedded within their religious calendars a practice to create warmth and light at the darkest time of the year.