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JDC Entwine is partnering with OneTable to bring global Jewish communities to your table.

Global Shabbat Toolkit

For generations and for Jewish communities across the globe, Shabbat meals have offered the opportunity to bring together people in our lives to share in food, tradition, and conversation.

Entwine’s Global Shabbat Toolkit was created to help share experiences overseas with JDC Entwine in an interactive and meaningful way over Shabbat dinner. We provide all the items you need to set up a dinner for eight: Shabbat ritual items, resources on global communities, dynamic conversation prompts, and more! (And if you have more than eight guests, that’s ok too!)

Step One

Register for your own Global Shabbat Toolkit HERE.

Step Two

Sign up to host (or to attend) an Entwine Global Shabbat Dinner in your community on OneTable.


Email us at globalshabbat@jdc.org.

Host a Dinner

  • Apply to Host: The OneTable hosting application is quick and easy to complete.
  • Post your Dinner: After your hosting application is approved, post your dinner.
  • Invite Friends: After you post your dinner, you’ll get a link to share with your friends to provide information about your dinner.

Attend a Dinner

  • Find a dinner:
    • Go to OneTable’s Dinners page
      • Select your city then type “Entwine Global Shabbat” in the search box
      • Find a dinner and click RSVP to claim your spot.
    • Don’t see a dinner in your area? Consider hosting one yourself!
  • Questions? If you have any questions, contact your local Hub Manager.

OneTable Offerings

  • Nourishment Credits:
    • OneTable provides Nourishment credit to hosts ($15 per person, up to 10 people).
    • These credits can be applied to resources such as FreshDirect, Instacart, Seamless, Whole Foods, Etsy and more. Select your Nourishment of choice after posting your dinner!
  • Shabbat Coaches:
    • One-on-one support where each host can explore the questions or challenges they face when hosting a Jewish dinner – whether it’s about cooking or rituals or anything in-between.
    • After posting a dinner, your Hub Manager can match you with a Shabbat Coach if you wish.
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