Limited Engagement White Labeling

We built our technology so that it could be “white labeled” for other organizations; if you are looking for a platform to help participants host and sign up for events (for any night of the week!) we have the ability to copy the core of our platform and change the language, look and feel to match your organization.

What is it?

A limited engagement includes up to four uses in a year. A single-use can either be: 

  • 1 specific day
  • 2 consecutive days (e.g. the Passover seders) 
  • 1 full weekend (Fri-Sun) 

The platform can be used for any day of the week or time of day. 

The four uses of the platform begin one year from the date of the first use. E.g. If an organization hosts its first event on Jan 1st, they will have through the end of December to host the next three. 

The platform would “turned on” for the partner a month prior to their upcoming event/use.

Who's It For?

Millennials are famously disconnected from traditional institutions. Yet, they deeply crave a sense of belonging and connection. We believe that each Friday night, all should be invited to the table to slow down, make new connections, be present, and enjoy moments of meaning. Shabbat dinner is an ideal setting for elevated conversations, enabling young adults to end their week with intention, community, and a personal and authentic ritual practice.

And it’s working. Every week, hundreds of OneTable Friday night dinners across the U.S. are hosted and attended by people in their 20s and 30s. OneTable is the fastest growing nonprofit serving Jewish millennials across the United States, reaching 115,000 individuals in our first 4 years.

What's included?

  • Dedicated Support from the OneTable team
  • Training 
    • OneTable will acclimate the partner organization to the platform
    • OneTable will not train on program creation or management unless contracted to do so
  • Data
    • Export of data after each event/use  
    • For the month prior to the event 
      • Once a week data share 
      • Twice during the week directly prior to event/use


Make It Yours

As this will be a limited white label, customization of the platform will be restricted. If an organization wishes to customize further than what we are offering, we will craft a proposal on an as-needed basis. 

Features that can be customized as part of a Limited Engagement: 

  • Banner images 
  • “About” section above events 
  • Carousel images for events (up to 5) 
  • Neighborhoods 

Features that cannot be customized as part of a Limited Engagement: 

  • The ability to approve hosts 
  • The ability to access the backend 
  • Fonts and colors 
  • Domain name 
  • Branding and emails 
    • Currently, emails sent as a response to actions on the platform (e.g.: creating a dinner, canceling a dinner, accepting a guest, etc..) are written with 20’s and 30’s in mind. OneTable will be editing all the platform communications to be demographic neutral and will not offer customization for these as part of a limited engagement. 

We have created an “add-on” list that will allow partners to select certain customizations as needed. 

What does it cost?

The price for a limited engagement as outlined here: $6,000

For every additional event/use, an organization wishes to add on top of the four during the year of the engagement, and inclusive of staff support: $1,000 per additional 


  1. Access to the backend (includes training): $4,000
  2. Branding and emails: $1,000 
  3. Font and colors: $1,000
  4. Domain name: $1,000

For comparison, the full white label of the platform includes everything outlined in the limited engagement, all the add-ons and: 

  • Customized event fields
  • Customized signups
  • Custom navigation 
  • Multiple areas 
  • Unlimited dates/use for a year 

Startup price: $25k

Maintenance: First 6 months free, $1,500/mo after 


New York Times

“This made me remember why civilizations form bonds beyond their families and enjoy others’ company. It’s the feeling that you could sit at the table for hours and not want to check your iPhone. It sounds simple, but it felt like nothing short of a miracle.”


“That’s when I stumbled upon OneTable. It was everything we were searching for, plus the added benefit that I would get to cook. It was truly beshert.”


“Most Jewish millennials don’t observe the laws of Shabbat, but the respite Heschel described retains its pull. A break. It’s not just that religious rituals promote togetherness in a moment of historic loneliness.”