My Shabbat Story & Why I Support OneTable

For as long as I can remember, there has never been a Friday night in my life that I wasn’t sitting around a beautiful Shabbat table complete with candles and flowers, with an incredible spread of food surrounded by family and friends. Through the years, Friday night Shabbat dinner has become one of the most important traditions of my Judaism, of my life. It’s my own way of pausing to acknowledge that one phase of the week has ended and another is beginning.

The rituals of Shabbat dinner have become so much more than a religious experience to me. When I left home, and moved to New York City, I feared I would lose touch with this important tradition. “How will I afford making a 3-course meal every week for guests?” “Will I be able to make it uptown after a crazy work day to have Shabbat dinner with my in-laws every Friday?” “How will I keep these traditions alive where I am, where my husband is in our careers and make them as beautiful and as meaningful as my family and his family have?”

After asking myself these questions repeatedly, I decided to bite the bullet and host our first Shabbat dinner in our apartment. A couple hundred dollars later, I cooked a 3-course meal, set my Shabbat table with flowers, lit the Shabbat candles and welcomed our guests. That Saturday morning, I woke up feeling incredibly satisfied and happy, but I knew that, as young professionals who are just starting their careers, we weren’t going to be able to open our doors and share this powerful experience continuously.

A few weeks later, I was introduced to OneTable. I couldn’t believe a nonprofit organization like OneTable existed. Once I started speaking to the “hub managers” I realized that OneTable, like me, has one goal in mind: to keep the tradition of Shabbat dinner alive.

Three years later, and countless Shabbat dinners hosted, I know that me, my husband, and all our friends who have attended look back on those Friday nights and have memories to cherish. This is why I’ve decided to join this incredible organization. To ensure that the Jewish tradition of Shabbat dinner will always prevail and be loved, looked forward to, cherished, craved, but most importantly thrive so that it can continue to be passed on from generation to generation for many years to come.

No matter the size, by donating, you will be a part of making sure that this important, meaningful tradition is cemented into our lives forever. You’ll be part of the movement that is allowing young professionals to host and attend Shabbat dinners.

After all, what’s better than winding down the crazy work week at home filled with your favorite people and the scent of challah?

Thank you to these generous donors who have contributed so far:

Sarah Akiba
Sara Berlin
Berta Cuperman
Ilana Goetz
Amanda Mendelson
Sophie Mendelson
Nataly Shechter – Dedication: “Pwintess Stein”
Charlene & Myron Schulman
Ben Stein

Goal: $10,000

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OneTable is a registered 501(c)(3), EIN 46-4715368. All gifts are tax deductible.