The Field Team

Amy Bebchick


Interim Vice President, Field + Powered By OneTable Consultant for Enterprise


Ask Me About: building purpose driven teams. Also, what's for dinner, being a Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteer, and the NY Times Spelling Bee!

Shabbat Is: something I look forward to all week, a chance to take a break and linger over yummy food with family and friends.

Emily Zussman


Director, People + Field Operations


Ask Me About: our amazing field team, how to work at OneTable, and Michigan football (Go Blue!)

Shabbat Is: weekly self-care.

Julia Logan Labow


Director, Research + Field Operations


Ask Me About: our amazing field team, OneTable's research and evaluation, and my favorite Shabbat poems.

Shabbat Is: magical and restorative. An opportunity to connect over good food, laugh with friends, and taking the time to pause.

Dani Kohanzadeh


Associate Director, Field Operations + Partnerships


Ask Me About: LA happenings + challah baking

Shabbat Is: warmth, a breath of fresh air, and damn. good. food.

Abbie Barash


Cascadia Field Manager


Ask Me About: creative programming ideas for the High Holidays, celebrating Shabbat in Pacific Northwest style, and nerding out on all things theology.

Shabbat Is: camping in the wilderness, a breath of fresh air, a fantastic glass of dry red wine

Emma Chasen


Philadelphia Field Manager


Ask Me About: Shabbat in Philly, folk ritual practice, and baking bread.

Shabbat Is: Shabbat is my opportunity to take the sacred moment between each week; inhale and reflect on all that happened so I may exhale and create space for all that is to come. It is the deep breath to ground and connect with my heart and my people over beautiful food and twinkling candlelight.

Naomi Davis


Miami Field Manager


Ask Me About: mindfulness+Judaism, vegan challah recipes, farmers markets in Miami, and how to make life an adventure!

Shabbat Is: a time to connect to ourselves and each other and imagine together a taste of the world we want to see

Anya Gips


Miami Community Ambassador


Ask Me About: writing haikus as Shabbat reflection – also thrift shopping for unique pieces.

Shabbat Is: reflection

Claudia Halpern


Detroit Community Ambassador + National Field Specialist


Ask Me About: how to host a creative and inviting Shabbat experience & all things candy related.

Shabbat Is: people, food and love

Maya Katz-Ali


Bay Area Field Manager


Ask Me About: how you can Shabbat in the Bay Area and have multicultural exchanges. Also how to travel on a budget!

Shabbat Is: time to come together with loved ones, celebrate community and unwind.

Hanna Krasnowsky


Seattle Community Ambassador + National Field Specialist


Ask Me About: ways to make allergen friendly food taste yummy, and how to Shabbat in Seattle!

Shabbat Is: a chance to pause and take a deep breath for a moment and bring in the new week.

Jessica Layton


DMV Field Manager


Ask Me About: How to initiate and facilitate meaningful conversations with friends, family, and strangers! Also, recommendations for art spaces in DC to check out and advice on navigating the city’s public transit system!

Shabbat Is: An opportunity to reconnect with yourself – through community, ritual, reflection, and fun.

Tara Levy


New York Field Specialist


Ask Me About: vegetarian cooking, thrift shopping, and interfaith life.

Shabbat Is: a time to disconnect in order to reconnect.

Spencer Perdeck


Atlanta Field Manager


Ask Me About: how to wow your Shabbat guests with an invitation, starting a small business, all things New York, improv + documentaries to check out!

Shabbat Is: a sanctuary of rejuvenating time and a gift from our ancestors.

Ari Rubin


Cincinnati Community Ambassador


Ask Me About: how you can get involved in the young professional Jewish community in Cincinnati and beyond!

Shabbat Is: community, rest & relaxation, and a lot of great food!

Julia Schantz


Pittsburgh Field Manager


Ask Me About: how you can get involved in the Pittsburgh community and build a unique Shabbat practice that feels right for you. Also, anything about exploring new places, ice cream, and crocheting.

Shabbat Is: a pause in the midst of commotion, a moment to ground yourself and see the possibilities, both comfort and excitement.

Lilli Stordeur


New York Field Manager


Ask Me About: All things Shabbat and NYC.

Shabbat Is: laughing, connecting, and eating the best food.

Lia Sutton


East Bay Field Specialist


Ask Me About: Playful practices, improv, building forts, woodworking

Shabbat Is: Rest. Play. Connecting through music.

Lizzy Wallis


Colorado Field Manager


Ask Me About: Shabbat in Colorado and the mountains, queering Judaism, earth-based ritual, and pickling

Shabbat Is: a delicious potluck with lovely people, ideally outdoors and/or in nature

Hannah Weinstein


Boston Field Manager


Ask Me About: how I can help turn your Shabbat ideas into a reality throughout the Boston area.

Shabbat Is: a time to relax.

Leah C. Weinstein


Chicago Field Manager


Ask Me About: bikes, interfaith life, and Shabbat in Chicago.

Shabbat Is: a sacred opportunity to catch your breath and slow down.

The Executive Team

Aliza Kline


President + CEO

Ask Me About: designing solutions that inspire, enrich and deepen the lives of OneTable users though the power, relief and gift of Shabbat.

Shabbat Is: what keeps me going. It’s chocolate milk, sweet challah, fine wine, family, friends, and sacred time.

Ariella Allmayer


Director, Strategic Initiatives


Ask Me About: project and board management.

Shabbat Is: connection, love and amazing food.

Noa Gurvis


Executive Assistant


Ask Me About: complementary colors for Google calendar, Harry Potter trivia, and how to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Shabbat Is: time to take a deep breath and let go of your week.

The Development Team

Irit E. Gross


Chief Advancement Officer


Ask Me About: how to be part of our funding model and how to Shabbat in a multifaith household.

Shabbat Is: exhaling from the week and welcoming the weekend with loved ones, good food and wine.

Ely Benhamo


Director, Major Gifts


Ask Me About: the role you can play in enabling young professionals to create a sustainable Shabbat practice

Shabbat Is: the time I get to really breathe, enjoy good food and great company, while participating in a ritual my ancestors have done for generations – but making it my own!

Mindy Goldberg


Institutional Giving Officer


Ask Me About: how your foundation can partner with OneTable, Jewish life in Seattle, raising bilingual kids

Shabbat Is: connecting with family and friends, good food, relaxing

Anne Prusky


Senior Development Manager, Data + Research


Ask Me About: Shabbat in the DMV, alternative ritual, and creating a space where friends old + new feel welcome. Also, pilates.

Shabbat Is: a chance to step back, take a deep breath, and see what you’ve created.

The Brand Strategy and Partnerships Team

Eva Laporte


Director, Marketing + Communications


Ask Me About: how we elevate the joy of Shabbat through OneTable’s marketing and communication channels and hosting tips

Shabbat Is: welcoming everyone to the table

Dyanna Loeb


Manager, Digital Marketing


Ask Me About: Connecting with Jewish community in the Bay Area; sharing the Shabbat love through all things digital; soca music!

Shabbat Is: song, joy, a weekly reminder to unplug.

Allie Mandel


Manager, Communications


Ask Me About: how to host an environmentally-friendly Shabbat dinner and incorporate seasonally grown food into your menu!

Shabbat Is: a time to reflect & reconnect over good food and better company.

The Jewish Learning Team

Tirtzah Bassel


Vice President, Partnerships + Jewish Learning


Ask Me About: Creating collective meaning in contemporary life, human centered design, hiking in the desert, no-knead bread

Shabbat Is: Time to connect with something beyond ourselves

MJ Kurs-Lasky


Director, Partnerships + Jewish Learning


Ask Me About: working together, meaningful partnerships, crafting Jewish content, and the Maryland Terrapins

Shabbat Is: a mindset—challah, friends, relaxing, and almost here

The Operations Team

Andrea Greenblatt


Chief Operations Officer

Ask Me About: how to tell a story with numbers, how to make dinner from scratch in less than 10 minutes, and Wordle!

Shabbat Is: a huge and welcome exhale at the end of the week.

Amalia Kruszel


Vice President, Technology + Data


Ask Me About: technology and innovative solutions to better serve our users.

Shabbat Is: a time to connect, restore and celebrate stillness.

Pammie Shapiro


Director, Program + Tech Integration


Ask Me About: OneTable’s platform and how it can best serve our community.

Shabbat Is: time for disconnecting from the norm and connecting with each other.

Gabrielle Graves


Associate, Program + Tech Integration


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how it can help you create a meaningful Friday night experience. Also, charcuterie board tips and taking fun photos!

Johnny Kristoffersen


Customer Success Manager - Powered By OneTable


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how it can work for you. Also about movies, photography and all things design!

Shabbat Is: A time to unwind with great food and even greater people.

Shaina Lubliner


Customer Success Manager - Powered By OneTable


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how you can use it to empower your community. Also, musical theater, good books, and Duke basketball!

Shabbat Is: taking a deep breath, letting go of the week, and connecting with friends and family.

Chris Phillips


Associate, User Experience

Ask Me About: a good binge worth series, all things Atlanta, anything about food and Esports.

Shabbat Is: relaxing with amazing people, and even better food!

Rebecca Schnitzer


Project Associate, Tech + Data


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how it can help you have a meaningful Shabbat. Also, musical theatre, MMORPGs, and medieval history!

Shabbat Is: a time to relax, unwind, enjoy good food and good company.