Field + Community

Nadav Davidson


Palm Beach County Field Manager


Ask Me About: Israeli cuisine, growing up in the desert, backpacking in South America, training for a half marathon, getting involved in the young adult Jewish community, and hosting fun + meaningful Shabbat dinners.

Shabbat Is: resetting for the week to come, and creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Naomi Davis


Miami Senior Field Manager


Ask Me About: mindfulness +Judaism, vegan challah recipes, farmers markets in Miami, and how to make life an adventure!

Shabbat Is: a time to connect to ourselves and each other and imagine together a taste of the world we want to see

Jessica Fein


Colorado Field Manager


Ask Me About: how to create an extra special Shabbat dinner that feels authentic and exciting for you! Also, Jewish songs to learn, beautiful hiking trails, local live music, and healthy/fun recipe ideas.

Shabbat Is: JOY. A time to come together in a meaningful way and take a nice deep breath together. Nourishment for the soul!

Brittany Feldman


National Field Manager (Detroit-based)


Ask Me About: how to create meaningful community relationships, and all things Detroit! (Especially food recs.)

Shabbat Is: good food, good friends, good conversation.

Talia Gnessin


Los Angeles Field Manager


Ask Me About: All things Shabbat in LA, how much I love trees, instructions for the sweetest cutest most perfect soft boiled egg!

Shabbat Is: a weekly opportunity to start over.

Simon Hart


Toronto Field Manager


Ask Me About: how to start a meaningful Shabbat practice, what books are still on my TBR list, and how to make every conversation about The Real Housewives.

Shabbat Is: a weekly opportunity for connection, community, and most importantly CARBS!

Aleeza Kaplan


Phoenix Community Ambassador


Ask Me About: finding the perfect recipe for your Shabbat dinner.

Shabbat Is: a concept way ahead of its time. We need shabbat now more than ever!

Chaim Levin


Philadelphia Field Manager


Ask Me About: all things Food in Philly. My favorite hummus recipe. How to have a relaxing Friday night dinner with friends. Yiddish dog phrases.

Shabbat Is: peace, rest, relaxation, connection.

Spencer Perdeck


Atlanta Field Manager


Ask Me About: how to wow your Shabbat guests with an invitation, starting a small business, all things New York, improv + documentaries to check out!

Shabbat Is: a sanctuary of rejuvenating time and a gift from our ancestors.

Lilli Stordeur


New York Senior Field Manager


Ask Me About: All things Shabbat and NYC.

Shabbat Is: laughing, connecting, and eating the best food.

Zoe Stricker


Bay Area Field Manager


Ask Me About: how to create a great Shabbat dinner utilizing local resources. Also, travel tips and tricks!

Shabbat Is: rejuvenating

Cora Torton


National Field Specialist (East Bay-based)


Ask Me About: creating connection and community in the East Bay through Shabbat, dancing, urban farming + more.

Shabbat Is: a deep full body breath and a happy dance.

Leah C. Weinstein


Chicago Senior Field Manager


Ask Me About: bikes, interfaith life, and Shabbat in Chicago.

Shabbat Is: a sacred opportunity to catch your breath and slow down.

Dov Wiener


Field Specialist, Baltimore + DMV


Ask Me About: Shabbat in Baltimore, queer and transgender Judaism.

Shabbat Is: time to spend time with the people who are important to me.

Jordan C. Wright


Regional Field Manager, Cincinnati + Pittsburgh


Ask Me About: the best way to connect with people + engage in great conversation, astrology, world languages, and fun things to do in the Midwest!

Shabbat Is: a deep breath, a warm hug, a candle in the dark. Shabbat is a time to rest, reflect, and rejoice.

Amy Bebchick


Chief Program Officer


Ask Me About: building purpose driven teams. Also, what's for dinner, being a Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteer, and the NY Times Spelling Bee!

Shabbat Is: something I look forward to all week, a chance to take a break and linger over yummy food with family and friends.

Dani Kohanzadeh


Director, Field

Ask Me About: our amazing field team, baking challah, all things LA.

Shabbat Is: the very best way to kick off the weekend. Just good feelings, and good for you!

Abbie Barash


Associate Director, Field Operations


Ask Me About: creative programming ideas for the High Holidays, celebrating Shabbat in Pacific Northwest style, and nerding out on all things theology.

Shabbat Is: camping in the wilderness, a breath of fresh air, a fantastic glass of dry red wine.

Lizzy Wallis


Associate Director, Field Operations


Ask Me About: Shabbat in Colorado and the mountains, queering Judaism, earth-based ritual, and pickling.

Shabbat Is: a delicious potluck with lovely people, ideally outdoors and/or in nature.

Nathan Rubinger


Associate Director, Field Operations — New York


Ask Me About: my food opinions, what movies to see, bizarre conspiracy theories, and this week's Torah portion.

Shabbat Is: for everyone!

Executive Office

Aliza Kline


President + CEO

Ask Me About: designing solutions that inspire, enrich and deepen the lives of OneTable users though the power, relief and gift of Shabbat.

Shabbat Is: what keeps me going. It’s chocolate milk, sweet challah, fine wine, family, friends, and sacred time.

Ariella Allmayer


Director, Strategic Initiatives


Ask Me About: project and board management.

Shabbat Is: connection, love, and amazing food.

Rachel N Prowler


Executive Administrative Manager


Ask Me About: how to get in touch with our Executive Team, what to cook for your next Shabbat gathering, and how to incorporate running into your Shabbat practice.

Shabbat Is: a time to pause and reconnect with friends + family over a delicious meal.


Irit E. Gross


Chief Advancement Officer


Ask Me About: how to be part of our funding model and how to Shabbat in a multifaith household.

Shabbat Is: exhaling from the week and welcoming the weekend with loved ones, good food and wine.

Ethan Kernkraut


Senior Director, Institutional Philanthropy


Ask Me About: how to deepen engagement in the practice of Shabbat through philanthropic resources. Also, how I made home movies as a young cook, trying my best to be the next Julia Child.

Shabbat Is: a moment in time to pause + reflect, to embrace and savor the stillness of this ancient tradition.

Ely Benhamo


Director, Major Gifts


Ask Me About: the role you can play in enabling young professionals to create a sustainable Shabbat practice

Shabbat Is: the time I get to really breathe, enjoy good food and great company, while participating in a ritual my ancestors have done for generations – but making it my own!

Mindy Goldberg


Director, Institutional Philanthropy


Ask Me About: how your foundation can partner with OneTable, Jewish life in Seattle, raising bilingual kids

Shabbat Is: connecting with family and friends, good food, relaxing

Tara Levy


Development Associate


Ask Me About: vegetarian cooking, thrift shopping, and interfaith life.

Shabbat Is: a time to disconnect in order to reconnect.

Marketing + Communications

Beth Stefanik


Director, Marketing + Communications


Ask Me About: press strategies, marketing campaign analysis, and what makes a memorable story. Also, making rescue dogs feel at home.

Shabbat Is: a weekly opportunity to reflect and reconnect to your family, friends, and self.

Dyanna Loeb


Manager, Digital Marketing


Ask Me About: Connecting with Jewish community in the Bay Area; sharing the Shabbat love through all things digital; soca music!

Shabbat Is: song, joy, a weekly reminder to unplug.

Allie Mandel


Manager, Communications


Ask Me About: how to host an environmentally-friendly Shabbat dinner and incorporate seasonally grown food into your menu!

Shabbat Is: a time to reflect & reconnect over good food and better company.

Partnerships + Jewish Learning

MJ Kurs-Lasky


Director, National Partnerships


Ask Me About: working together, meaningful partnerships, crafting Jewish content, and the Maryland Terrapins.

Shabbat Is: a mindset — challah, friends, relaxing, and almost here.

Jessica Rosenberg


Senior Jewish Educator


Ask Me About: what Shabbat has to do with Jewish time, rituals, traditions, and YOU!

Shabbat Is: community, music, food — the world as it should be.

Claudia Halpern


Project Manager


Ask Me About: how to host a creative and inviting Shabbat experience & all things candy related.

Shabbat Is: people, food and love.

Together @OneTable

Susan Salzman


Director, Together @OneTable


Ask Me About: Shabbat community building for people ages 55+! Learn more at

Shabbat Is: an ending...and a beginning.

Powered by OneTable

Rachel Zylberfink


Director, Powered by OneTable


Ask Me About: how Powered by OneTable can transform your community, and being a Midwestern transplant on the East Coast.

Shabbat Is: a time to share challah with my family and reflect on the past week.

Shaina Lubliner


Customer Success Manager - Powered By OneTable


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how you can use it to empower your community. Also, musical theater, good books, and Duke basketball!

Shabbat Is: taking a deep breath, letting go of the week, and connecting with friends and family.

Finance + Operations

Andrea Greenblatt


Chief Operations Officer

Ask Me About: how to tell a story with numbers, how to make dinner from scratch in less than 10 minutes, and Wordle!

Shabbat Is: a huge and welcome exhale at the end of the week.

Emily Zussman


Director, People + Culture


Ask Me About: our amazing team, how to work at OneTable, and Michigan football (Go Blue!)

Shabbat Is: weekly self-care.

Christena Diven


Controller, Finance + Operations


Ask Me About: how to do magic in a spreadsheet and how to keep plants + sourdough starter alive.

Shabbat Is: rest and renewal.

Sandy Marshall


Associate, Finance + Budget


Ask Me About: budgets, tv shows, and UNC basketball!

Shabbat Is: a time to reflect and connect with friends and family.

Technology + Data

Amalia Kruszel


Chief Technology Officer


Ask Me About: technology and innovative solutions to better serve our users.

Shabbat Is: a time to connect, restore and celebrate stillness.

Julia Logan Labow


Director, Impact + Learning


Ask Me About: how we measure our impact, learn + iterate from what we hear from our community, and my favorite Shabbat poems.

Shabbat Is: magical and restorative. An opportunity to connect over good food, laugh with friends, and taking the time to pause.

Pammie Shapiro


Director, Program + Tech Integration


Ask Me About: OneTable’s platform and how it can best serve our community.

Shabbat Is: time for disconnecting from the norm and connecting with each other.

Gabrielle Graves


Senior Associate, Program + Tech Integration


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how it can help you create a meaningful Friday night experience. Also, charcuterie board tips and taking fun photos!

Chris Phillips


Associate, User Experience

Ask Me About: a good binge-worthy series, all things Atlanta, anything about food and Esports.

Shabbat Is: relaxing with amazing people, and even better food!

Rebecca Schnitzer


Project Associate, Tech + Data


Ask Me About: the OneTable platform and how it can help you have a meaningful Shabbat. Also, musical theatre, MMORPGs, and medieval history!

Shabbat Is: a time to relax, unwind, enjoy good food and good company.

Trevor Smith


Front End Developer


Ask Me About: anything related to the OneTable platform and hiking around Southern California.

Shabbat Is: a reminder to live in the present.