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Slow down, unplug, join together, and Friday.

OneTable invites people in their 20s and 30s to connect: to each other, to ritual, to wellness, to Shabbat dinner. We invite you to hold tradition in one hand and beliefs, experiences, and passions in the other — to build a Friday night practice that feels personal, authentic, valuable, and lasting.

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We’re here to help you build community and intention around the Friday night dinner table. Join today and make more meaningful moments in your week.

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Every week thousands of people across the US gather on Friday nights to participate in a OneTable Shabbat dinner. Join us, we saved you a seat.

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Audio recordings, ritual guides, recipes, and more. We have what you need to customize your Shabbat dinner as much as you want.

Why Shabbat?

“It’s the feeling that you could sit at the table for hours and not want to check your iPhone. It felt like nothing short of a miracle.” – The New York Times

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We work with entrepreneurs, corporations, and nonprofits to best support our 100,000+ participants while they establish their own weekly dinners.

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Empower More Shabbat

OneTable provides hosts and guests with easily accessible tools and resources, making these rituals not only attainable, but sustainable. Founded in 2014, OneTable has quickly expanded, largely thanks to the support of local and national foundations, federations and individual funders who also believe in the power of Shabbat dinner. Over 100,000 people have had Shabbat dinner through OneTable in over 125 cities across the US. Join us in making this possible.