Support Shabbat in New York

Thank you for helping spread the Shabbat dinner movement in New York. Your contribution will help us nourish Friday night Shabbat dinners across the city, provide everyone who wants one a seat at the table, and offer critical support to hosts and guests.

To learn more about what OneTable can do in New York, click here.

Here’s what your gift can support:

$150 nourishes one Shabbat dinner
$1,500 supports 10 Shabbat dinners for 100 total guests
$5,000 nourishes a week's with of Shabbat dinners in New York (with an average of 40-50 dinners per week)
$15,000 nourishes 100 Shabbat dinners for at least 1,000 young adults…that’s a whole lot of challah
$25,000 nourishes a month's worth of Shabbat dinners in New York

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(For gifts over $5,000, please contact

You may send your contribution in the mail:

OneTable c/o Julia Malkin
79 Madison Avenue, 8th floor
New York, NY 10016.

OneTable is a registered 501(c)(3), EIN 46-4715368. All gifts are tax deductible.