Bi-Rite Market Nourishment

Bi-Rite Market is a neighborhood grocery store with two San Francisco locations – 3639 18th Street – in the heart of the Mission District and
550 Divisadero Street – in the Western Addition Neighborhood. They believe that food does more than nourish: food brings people together. You can also order groceries online for delivery in San Francisco in as little as an hour through

  • Chicago
  • Pickup
  • Prepared Food
  • Not Kosher

The Fine Print:


Questions about nourishment? Check out this page or email your Hub Manager.

OneTable Offerings

  • Nourishment Credits:
    • OneTable provides Nourishment credit to hosts ($15 per person, up to 10 people).
  • Register to Host: The OneTable hosting application is quick and easy to complete.
  • Post your Dinner: After you’re registered, post your dinner.
  • Invite Friends: After you post your dinner, you’ll get a link to share with your friends to provide information about your dinner.
    • Choose “Host Approval” or “Open” to invite newcomers to your table.