Welcome to the OneTable Family of Offerings.

OneTable remains committed to our mission of empowering Jewish young adults in their 20s and 30s to build community and deepen their Jewish practice by gathering for peer-led Shabbat dinners. We focus on millennials, and older Gen Z, who are disconnected from traditional Jewish institutions, yet crave a sense of belonging, purpose, and personal connections.

As we grow, we strive to meet OneTable’s highest and best use, especially in light of the pandemic. In 2020, this meant expanding our Family of Offerings to include: OneTable.org focusing on providing Jewish young adults with the resources that they need to gather their communities for Shabbat dinner; Private Label, licensing and customizing OneTable’s tech platform to other organizations reaching complementary populations; and HereFor.com, an extension of Seder2020 and Here For the High Holidays – providing a new resource for hyper-local gatherings and curated resources beyond Shabbat and young adults. 


Press Love

New York Times

“This made me remember why civilizations form bonds beyond their families and enjoy others’ company. It’s the feeling that you could sit at the table for hours and not want to check your iPhone. It sounds simple, but it felt like nothing short of a miracle.”


“That’s when I stumbled upon OneTable. It was everything we were searching for, plus the added benefit that I would get to cook. It was truly beshert.”


“Most Jewish millennials don’t observe the laws of Shabbat, but the respite Heschel described retains its pull. A break. It’s not just that religious rituals promote togetherness in a moment of historic loneliness.”