Beyond the Dinner Table

OneTable assists organizations and institutions in identifying and seizing opportunities to generate meaningful ideas, build a collaborative culture around programming, and launch new ventures. Our expertise in program design, design thinking, and ritual guide curation allows us to bring unique value to this intersection of innovation and Jewish life.

Design Thinking

OneTable was founded using principles of Design Thinking and User Centered Design. Several of the OneTable staff are experienced facilitators and are available to lead design thinking training sessions and design sprints for your organization or team.

Experience Design

Friday night Shabbat dinner is where it’s at, and OneTable has years of collective experience in designing unique, elevated, and intentional Shabbat experiences. Whether you are planning a retreat, an immersive experience abroad, or a local gathering, the team at OneTable can help design a Friday night that exceeds your goals. From the physical space to reimagining ritual we are available to consult on your project.

Coach Training

OneTable has a unique model for peer-to-peer mentorship called Shabbat Coaching. Like our users, our coaches are young adults in their 20s and 30s who serve as inspirational guides for hosts who are new to Shabbat. They are trained by OneTable staff in ritual, active listening, and creative problem solving, and are matched with hosts to work with them one-on-one as they navigate the challenges attendant with hosting, from recipes that feed ten people to alternative approaches to ritual. We are also able to adapt the training for organizations, allowing us to partner seamlessly and train specific groups of young leaders to nurture host communities with specific interests or niche needs.

Ritual Guide Curation

The OneTable Shabbat Dinner Guide serves as a template that can be personalized to fit your unique needs. Whether you are hosting family Shabbat dinners at a congregation, leading a young adult trip to Israel, or creating a themed or niche-population dinner series, we can fashion a bespoke Shabbat Dinner Guide just for you.

White Labeling

The OneTable platform can be redesigned for your community or organization. We built our technology so that it could be “white labeled” for other organizations; if you are looking for a platform to allow  participants to host and sign up for events (for any night of the week!) we have the ability to copy the core of our platform and change the language, look and feel to match your organization.