What brings us together?

The Shabbat dinner table — the act of creating and gathering around a shared space where people can experience a sense of beauty, community and wholeness.

OneTable is an online and in-person community of 20’s and 30’s who believe in good food, good drink, and good conversation. We are made up of individuals who are seeking intentional, personal, unique, and ritual driven ways to end the week and gather with friends.

Why Millennials? Why Shabbat?

Millennials are famously disconnected from traditional institutions. Yet, they deeply crave a sense of belonging and connection. We believe that each Friday night, all should be invited to the table to slow down, make new connections, be present, and enjoy moments of meaning. Shabbat dinner is an ideal setting for elevated conversations, enabling young adults to end their week with intention, community, and a personal and authentic ritual practice.

And it’s working. Every week, hundreds of OneTable Friday night dinners across the U.S. are hosted and attended by people in their 20s and 30s. OneTable is the fastest growing nonprofit serving Jewish millennials across the United States, reaching 115,000 individuals in our first 4 years.

Partnering With OneTable

OneTable provides unique, impactful opportunities to introduce people to your organization or brand in an inspiring and purposeful way. We work collaboratively to design programs, campaigns, and resources that elevate the mission and goals of each partner.

At a glance:

  • More than 200 Friday night dinners every week across the country
  • More than 100,000 unique users, a 65,000+ email list, + thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms (both national and city-specific)
  • Access to the millennial market through people who really understand them: other millennials
  • Organic brand seeding to align with our powerful community
  • In-house design, communications + tech teams

Table talk:

Food + Beverage Partnerships

OneTable offers credits valuedat $10 or $15 a person (up to 10 people) to qualified hosts in order to help their dinners come to life. For a discount on your products to OneTable, your company will be featured as a preferred option for dinner hosts. Connect with us to learn more about sharing your brand or restaurant out to thousands of weekly millennial users!

Large Scale Events

Large scale OneTable dinners and workshops are a great way to get your brand or organization in front of our audience IRL. Supply or cover the cost of food for an event and your company will be promoted through email to our mailing list and featured at the event. Events range from 5 to 500 people and you can choose from a menu of items like a professional photographer, email promotion, social promotion, and custom print pieces. We design interactive experiences that help people connect with your products/services/organization and mission in a meaningful way. Reach out to Marina@onetable.org to learn more.

Community Partnerships

The OneTable Shabbat Dinner Guide serves as a template that can be personalized to fit your unique needs. Whether you are hosting family Shabbat dinners at a congregation, leading a young adult trip to Israel, or creating a themed or niche-population dinner series, we can fashion a bespoke Shabbat Dinner Guide just for you.

The OneTable Menu:

  • Field Managers: local young adults who recruit hosts, build local partnerships, and cultivate an in-person community
  • Shabbat Coaching: Hosts are matched with trained OneTable fellows to learn the skills they want to elevate their Shabbat dinners
  • Nourishment Credit: addresses concerns about the cost of hosting – participants receive credits for groceries or prepared foods, Jewish books or decor, redeemed through partnered companies
  • “Nosh:pitality” Gatherings: hands-on workshops focusing on hospitality skill-building, Jewish-learning and community creation that can be brought to the Shabbat table.
  • Online Jewish resources: The Ultimate Shabbat Guide, themed guides, tips for hosting, guesting, blessing recordings, etc. Created or curated by OneTable’s diverse content committee led by Rabbi Jessica Minnen.
  • Social Dining Platform and iOS app similar to AirBnB, with host profiles and event descriptions, easily searchable by guests.

Advertising With Us

OneTable was created through an extensive design thinking process to help millennials connect – to find and host Shabbat dinners that are accessible and habitual. In just five years, OneTable has grown from a small startup into one of the largest, most successful interventions for young Jewish adults in America. This past fall we reached 100,000 unique participants in 185 cities. At our current growth rate, OneTable will surpass 250,000 unique participants by the end of 2021.

By investing seriously in research, personnel and technology, we ensure that users can experience the full beauty of Shabbat. We’re also leveraging mission and taste-aligned brands in the food and wellness worlds (like Winc, sweetgreen, Year & Day, CycleBar, multiple yoga studios) to bring relevant and customizable resources that add meaning to Shabbat meals.

White Labeling

We built our technology so that it could be “white labeled” for other organizations; if you are looking for a platform to help participants host and sign up for events (for any night of the week!) we have the ability to copy the core of our platform and change the language, look and feel to match your organization.

Experience Design + Creation

Several of the OneTable staff are experienced facilitators and are available to lead design thinking training sessions and design sprints for your organization or team. Whether you are planning a retreat, an immersive experience abroad, or a local gathering, the team at OneTable can help design a Friday night that exceeds your goals.

Bringing OneTable To Your City

Over the last five years, we have grown to more than 100,000 users in over 185 cities and nine hub cities. Our annual budget has grown from $870,000 to over $5,000,000, while our cost per participant has steadily declined. We are now at a turning point. Currently, we are seeking new philanthropic and corporate partners to help us meet our ever-growing demand and to help us expand in mutually beneficial ways. If you’re interested in partnering to bring OneTable to your city please email Julia Malkin Reger, Director of Development and Expansion.

Press Love

New York Times

“This made me remember why civilizations form bonds beyond their families and enjoy others’ company. It’s the feeling that you could sit at the table for hours and not want to check your iPhone. It sounds simple, but it felt like nothing short of a miracle.”


“That’s when I stumbled upon OneTable. It was everything we were searching for, plus the added benefit that I would get to cook. It was truly beshert.”


“Most Jewish millennials don’t observe the laws of Shabbat, but the respite Heschel described retains its pull. A break. It’s not just that religious rituals promote togetherness in a moment of historic loneliness.”