Potluck Dinners

Sharing food traditions and favorite dishes is one of the greatest joys of building community around the dinner table. We’ve made it even easier for every guest to contribute to Shabbat dinner by launching our own Potluck addition to our website.

Check it out:

Post a Dinner

Potluck Function Posting Dinner
  • Choose “This is a Potluck”: When creating your Shabbat dinner there are two options. The first allows you to detail the menu you’ll be providing to your guests. The other is our potluck feature that helps your guests know how to best contribute to your table.
  • What do you need? List all of the items you’d like your guests to bring, and each person that signs up will choose from the options. Want multiples of an item? Just type it in twice so more than one guest can sign up for it.
Potluck Function Items
  • That’s it! It’s as simple as that. When guests select your dinner, they’ll see this under your dinner description:
Potluck Function Guest Side Dinner Description
  • They get to choose what they want to bring:
Potluck Function Guest Selection