This Passover, thanks to our incredible partnership with NuRoots, we’re gifting some LA hosts with a special opportunity to join in on NuRoots’ fourth annual Collective Escape, a reimagined citywide Passover festival. We’re teaming up together to help you be the seder host of your dreams.

Welcome to Shabbat x Seder LA – a unique opportunity for you to create and reimagine your own Passover Shabbat Seder. Time to gather around the dinner table, this time adding some of your favorite Passover themes, discussions, and intentions to your Shabbat celebration.

Host (and post!) as part of Shabbat x Seder LA, and we can offer you three awesome ways to elevate your dinner on either Friday, April 19, Saturday, April 20, or Friday, April 26.


[1] Seder Co-Lab

A personalized design session video-call with OneTable’s Resident Rabbi and experts at NuRoots. During the call, you’ll get to explore creative ideas and wisdom for your table! Once you post your Seder, we’ll reach out with Seder Co-Lab slots for you to sign up.


[2] Double the Nourishment

How are these nights different than all other nights? On these nights, we’re partnering with NuRoots to nourish designated hosts at twice the normal amount. For more details, check out our Nourishment page.


[3] The Network

A cohort of community organizers + hosts for you to connect with and plan alongside.


Post Your Seder with the following title filter: Shabbat x Seder LA_YOUR NAME (or something creative) – Example: Shabbat x Seder LA_JL’s Roman Seder

**You must post your dinner on the OneTable site no later than Tuesday, April 16th in order to be nourished for Passover. **

We here at OneTable can barely contain ourselves, our four cups of wine runneth over. When Passover begins on Friday night, you get two celebrations in one. The Haggadah of your choice will lead you through the seder, but with the simple addition of candles and wine, you and your guests can welcome Shabbat at the beginning of the Friday night seder, or bid Shabbat adieu at the beginning of the Saturday night seder. This supplement is a special addition for the weekend, a guide to help you integrate Shabbat and Passover into a single special celebration.

Haggadot Suggestions:

Haggadah (plural: haggadot) is the text recited at the Seder on the first two nights of the Passover, heavily featuring the story of Exodus.

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More Resources


Everything from matzo brei to veggies, our Pinterest has you covered.


We made you a playlist to get everyone in the mood to talk justice. #nochallahnoproblem


From seder plates to table cloths and those tiny egg spoons, we have ideas for setting an insta-worthy table.

More Than 4 Questions

How does hosting a Seder-Shabbat with OneTable work?

If you are not already a OneTable Shabbat dinner host, sign up here. (Applications take up to 10 days to process.)

Once you are a host, you can post your dinner here. (Private dinners are for just you and your friends, choose “Host Approval” to let new people request a seat, or “Open” if you’re hosting publicly – anyone can rsvp to an Open dinner.)

OneTable Shabbat dinners are at least 5 people (including the host), and are for hosts not in undergraduate between 21-39ish. Individuals under 21 cannot be present at OneTable dinners.

When does my dinner need to be posted?

Seder-Shabbats must be posted on the site by Tuesday, April 16th at midnight local time.

What is Nourishment?

It’s a resource OneTable is able to offer to those hosts who need a little extra help to elevate their dinners. It is not meant to cover the full cost of the dinner. It comes in the form of digital gift cards. Our options are businesses that give us discounts on their services. If you do not need this assistance, you can choose to “pay it forward” and it will help another host bring more Shabbat into their life!

Private dinners are eligible for $10/seat, up to $100, Host Approval and Open dinners are eligible for $15/seat, up to $150.

When do I need to choose my nourishment?

We encourage you to choose your nourishment ASAP.

With that in mind, you will only be nourished for the number of guests you have signed up by Wednesday, April 17th at noon local time.

Can I host more than once this Passover?

One dinner a month per host is eligible for nourishment in most of our cities, and only one Seder is eligible per host for nourishment in all cities.

You are welcome to post dinners for both nights, but only the first one you post will be eligible for nourishment assistance.

Can I have my parents/kids/non-Jewish friends at my table?

All people present must be over the age of 21.

OneTable is uber-inclusive. At OneTable, we want you to spend Friday night with the people who YOU want to spend your Friday night with (and in this case only, Friday or Saturday night) – guests of any and all religions and cultures are welcome.

What does OneTable require to make it a Seder-Shabbat?

We want you to find the right ritual fit for you and your guests. We encourage you to check out the above resources and check-in with your Field Manager. Set the intention that makes you want to elevate your dinner for your guests.

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with your Field Manager.